Tips to Maintain a Washing Machine

You might often forget to take care of your washing machine, but it actually needs your love and care. If you wish to make your electronic device run smoothly, check out some of the ways to take care.

 Go for Some Deep Cleaning

If you feel that some bad odour is coming from your washing machine or the clothes are not getting a smart clean, it is high time that you give a good deep cleaning to your machine. You can simply use your detergent along with some warm water and let it run on an empty cycle.  This will make your machine feel fresh once again.  For sanitizing purpose you can mix detergent powder with bleach. Allow the machine to soak the solution. Then press the rinse cycle once and you are done.

Door Needs to Be Kept Open

After cleaning , let the water evaporate from the washing machine. Then close the lid or door of the machine. This will improve the air circulation. It removes any sort of unwanted odours too.

 Clean Any Sort of Spills

If anything spills on your washing machine, clean it immediately as dry stains are difficult to remove. It also damages the polish of the machine.

 Clean the Drain Pump Filter

If you are having a front load washing machine then make sure that you clean the drain pump filter once or twice a week.  If you face any sort of problem with water drainage or is experiencing sluggish drainage or facing  excessive vibrations, it’s time to take care and clean your filter.

 Give the Right Spin

If you are using a higher spin for washing, it might help you dry clothes faster but in the process of wear and tear the shelf life of the machine gets lessened for sure.

Most importantly buy washing machine from a good brand that ensures good customer care support or go for the best electronic store that offers an round support.  These are some of the ways which can keep your washing machine happy for sure.




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