Tips to Buy an AC: Know all of Them

Indian summer can be quite brutal; the hot sultry weather with its excess dose of humidity proves to be quite painful. And because it is a long summer, it is time to invest in a good AC. With the mercury soaring up every day, buying a good AC is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Here are some tips which will help you to decide.


Know the Basics

Often when we go to buy ACs, we are lured by its different features which will be enthusiastically elaborated by the shopping assistants. In the midst of all these descriptions, we often miss out the basics which are the basis of a solid machine. The cool features, but in reality it is the material and coil which matter the most. Copper coils, for instance is quite expensive, but they perform better in the long run and frankly quite reliable. Also, it is good to verify whether the ACs are capable of running in extreme temperatures, because the summers are here to stay!

Know the Size of Room

Think about the size of the room before buying the AC; lower capacity units might save you a few pennies on investment, but will increase electricity consumption bringing heavy bills at the end of the month. Also, these machines will not work well in the long run. You must get the tonnage right; like a 0.8 ton AC will work absolutely fine in a room of 100 square feet.  It is always good to buy an AC which is energy-efficient; a 5-star AC for instance will lower your electricity bills considerably, although the initial investment might be higher.


Check After Sales Service

There will be many promises before you purchase an AC, but it is the after sales service which determines the goodwill of the company. Check the warranty period and maintenance schedule before making the final payment. Select a brand which has good service record. If the dealer is unable to answer your questions regarding after sale service, do not hesitate to call up the customer care number and know the service details.

You should be judicious enough to understand the basics of AC and contemplate on the service record before you make an investment!

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