Myths About Buying LED TV

LED TVs are the latest rage when it comes to buying a new television set in the modern times. This has made it essential for you to know the myths surrounding this kind of TV. The full form of LED is light emitting diode. This is a special kind of diode that is used in these televisions.

They are basically an evolved from of TV that have played a major role in the growth and development of the television industry. They have become very popular in the modern times owing to their superior features, light weight and they take up less room space as well.

Following are the list of myths that surround LED TVs that need to be busted.

LEDs and LCDs are the Same Type of TV

Most people don’t know the difference between LEDs and LCDs and this is mostly because they sound similar. The full form of LCD is Liquid Crystal Display. These two televisions are very similar in structure and appearance but come with one important difference.

LCD TVs have fluorescent light called as CCFL which is the form of cathode ray tube also known in common parlance as tube light. This makes it extremely easy to identify. These CCFLs are placed at the back of the TVs.


On the other hand, LED TVs don’t have these CCFLs. They have light emitting diodes called as LEDs and these are placed at the back of the screens. Thus, the structure and form of the two types of televisions are different.

You Can Transport LED TVs in a Car

This is highly dangerous and you must never do this! If you lay an LED or LCD TV flat in a car it might break or crack because of the lack of support in the middle. In this way, they are same as a plasma TV. The added vibrations in the car will also damage the TV.

An Led or LCD TV is a valuable investment and you need to ensure that you store it the right way when you are transporting it. Just make sure that you have plenty of packing material where you pack the TV and then put it in the hands of a reliable transporter.


Refresh Rate is Useless

Most people consider refresh rates to be a waste of time and don’t invest enough time in researching this fact of their televisions. In reality, refresh rate is very important as it helps in giving you a smooth image without any blurred images. This is especially useful when watching sports as the motions are very fast and need to be changed quickly.

LED TVs Last Forever

This is a common marketing tool that is used by many sales people to ensure that people accept the latest technology without any fuss.LED TVs are not an exception to this rule. Hence, it makes sense not to pay any attention to such marketing lingo.

It is inevitable that all electrical appliances are subject to wear and tear.LED TVs also have the same features that will wear our over time. Hence, don’t believe in such false traps!

Thus, in this way, we have discussed some myths about buying LED TVs that will help you in coming to a balanced decision.


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