Know About the Top 10 Home Appliances

Today a modern woman is a multi tasker – she manages both her professional life and personal with aplomb! On one hand, they need to do the household chores and at the same time, they need to work in the office. With dual earning in families becoming a norm, working couples are especially turning to home appliances to help them manage their daily schedules. So what are the must have things in a modern day house?



Induction Cook tops

Fuel prices, especially the price of LPG, are fast increasing. So, a lot of people are fast switching over to Induction Cooktops. Induction cooking was brought to the market decades ago but at that time it was unreliable and expensive. However, today it is an in technology and due to the less power consumption and fast heating, this is a good option to choose from.  12321316_1005754979487470_7579299152081854860_n


Microwave Oven

Extremely efficient, this reduces the time involved in cooking of food. With the minimum use of oil, a variety of dishes can be done that include like baking, steaming, grilling etc in the process of its making.11295748_904186462977656_1513325121205033456_n

This has become an inherent part of our lives.  It helps to keep food fresh and prevents it from spoiling due to elements like any sort of insects, sunlight and moisture. These are affordable and top brands are continuously into innovation of their products. Smart and intelligent refrigerators with unique temperature controls are available.2

Washing Machine

Washing Machine has made our life simpler and better by minimizing the time spent on washing clothes effectively. Semi automatic and automatic are both equally efficient in their ways and many attractive models have been launched in the market.12375995_1005762176153417_3709851150543373606_n


A true companion, this brings to you updated news and happenings, latest movies to keep you entertained. During the past five to ten years or so, the shape of the old bulky television has changed into the slim LCD and LED sets that not only enhances the vision but also helps in less power consumption. 2

Water Purifier

A must have for every home, Water Purifier has become an extremely essential appliance .Water Purifier not only purifies water, but also removes the harmful chemicals, viruses, bacteria, fungi and other substances. Presently, water purifiers are available with the latest technology like RO, UV, Active Carbon and UF that ensures safe and clean water for drinking every time.

Mixer Grinder

We Indians have long back bid goodbye to grinding stones. Mixer grinders have replaced these bulky products by its high efficiency and sleek look. With these appliances you get grinded or pasted ingredient required for making yummy delicacies. This has become a common home appliance.11046363_880586208671015_6480882429218440965_o


Your kitchen will remain clean with no efforts with the new technology based auto-clean chimneys available at the market. Having a long shelf life, they last for years.

Vacuum Cleaner

If you want to keep your home dust and dirt free, then vacuum cleaner is the best option. Previously, Vacuum Cleaners were considered as a luxury product, but presently vacuum cleaners are available at affordable prices and have become the essential home appliance. These days they come with functions like Blower Function, Powerful Motor and Adjustable Power, Control, which makes cleaning home an easy task.

Air Conditioner10428678_757856720943965_1918150418439508127_n

This has become an essential appliance during hot summer months. Split, Window and Central are some of the types of air conditioner that are available to choose from.

With double earning and disposable income these gadgets are a must have! Check them out at our store.


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