Guide to Buying a Charcoal Grill

Below enlisted are a few things you might want to consider when buying a Charcoal Grill –

Size – what size of charcoal grill are you looking for? This is an important question because your budget will depend on it. You should be able to determine the size by scaling the main cooking grate. Take help of the salesman in deciding which size you need for family picnics and partying with friends. Rule of thumb: Allow about 100 square inches (10″ x 10″) per person. Ask yourself how many people you will normally be cooking for.

Charcoal Grill


Fuel – decide amongst choices – wood pellet, electric, gas or charcoal. Electric grills should only be used at places where gas or charcoal isn’t allowed as they tend to overcook and does not impart the tangy flavours of charcoal. For those who would want to opt for the wood pellet there is only one word of caution – they give everything a smoke flavour.  Gas is a better option as it is easy to cook and also to clean afterwards. On the other hand charcoal takes longer to ignite and the cleaning is a hard task as well, however it generates more heat and gives a slightly different flavour.

Fuel for charcoal grill



Smoking – Inquire is the grill can smoke meats? If yes, then you don’t need a separate dedicated standalone smoker.

Burners ask for stainless steel or brass burners as with gas grills, aluminum burners burn out and cast iron burners rust. Pay proper attention during demonstrations so as to remember which way the burners run, left to right, or front to back. in the burners it is best to use lava rocks or ceramic rocks.

Grill and its thermometer


Thermometer – Most thermometers on grills are bi-metallic and not accurate. Usually the temp at the meat height is different than the temp in the hood where the thermometer lives. Get a good digital thermometer on a cable that you can place next to the meat.

The best grills are cast aluminum, cast iron, enamel bonded steel, and stainless steel. Quality stainless steel and aluminum will not rust, but they do discolor with use and age. Your shiny new stainless grill will never look as good as the day you bought it. Heavy steel holds and distributes heat better than thin steel.

Finally before you buy the charcoal grill do ask about Warranty and repair services the company provides.

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