This Summer Buy The Perfect Airconditioner From Great Eastern Technocity!

We are all aware of the importance of having an Air conditioner back at home; how nice it feels to get away from the heat and sun into an air-conditioned room! Even the make and evolution of the device has come down a long way from what it was initially. In the present era such machines are rendered energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

However choosing a model is not so easy: you become biased and hanker after brands. Different models, with advanced technical features have been introduced in the current market.  You have  a huge range to choose from when it comes to buying a good, trendy and sleek looking air-conditioner.

Let’s see here what choices you have:

Window air conditioners:

These are popular and typically designed for double hung windows. The air-conditioning units are slide into window openings. These are easy to install and will surely suit your existing electrical wiring. Window mounted air conditioners are available both in only-cooling and two-in-one (both heating and cooling) temperature controlling devices. The price of such models is not too high. They are very much affordable.

Wall Air-conditioners:

These types of conditioners also offer heating/ cooling and only cooling mechanism. These are designed to slide into the AC chassis through a metal made hanger. These are easily installable like window-mounted air conditioner, but offer a better fitting. These are storage convenient, easily maintainable and cost effective purchase. A larger unit of wall air conditioner may require approximate 220- volt electrical connection line.

Hybrid between the two (wall and window mounted):

This type of air conditioners can be fitted both to a window and to a wall. These are designed to mount in a wall, but offers features to set temporarily in window openings. However, you have to buy window mounting accessories such as frame, nuts and bolts separately.

Portable conditioner:

A slightly expensive piece, these are mobile unit. As such, these are best where there is need to shift machine due to change of season or accommodation. These include a set of wheels by which you can roll it. There is an additional exhaust tube that lets the heat exit through window. These portable units have disadvantage too. You have to allow space for it. Another thing, the exhaust tube requires to be installed each time you set the machine.

Ducted air-conditioning system:

In these systems the air conditioning unit is fixed on the out-side of the house, in most cases, on the roof. All the rooms are ducted with the central conditioning machine. As such, all parts of a building get properly cooled.  The central machine controls temperature from a single thermostat. As such, temperature of different rooms remains the same.  This air conditioning system is efficient more than a window or wall mounted air conditioning machine.

Air conditioners run by inverter:

This is energy efficient and cost effective air conditioning device.  However, these types of air conditioning machines can function only in a narrow range.



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