Gadget Gift Ideas for Wedding

So, the wedding season is here. It is that time of the year when you go to
Facebook and find out everyone you know is getting married. Some of them also
invite you to be with them on this special day in their life.

While attending weddings can be fun and is usually filled with food, deciding what
to wear and can be confusing. But there is something even more confusing, and
that is deciding what gift to give. Some people hate giving boring gifts that usually
end up as a showpiece in the corner of the house or keeps hanging on a wall and
gets ignored.

So, if you are anything like this then this blog is just meant for you. With new
innovations in technology every day new and useful things are coming to the
market. From computers to smart phones, people are now moving towards smart
homes. The new Internet of Things technology is truly about to change how we
live our life on a day to day basis. Here are some cool ideas for wedding gifts that
are affordable and definitely worth checking out.

360 Degree Camera


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A 360-degree camera will make for a great wedding gift if a close relative or
someone from your family is getting married. A lot of companies offers 360
degree cameras, just do a little research or visit a shop that deals with electronics
to find one that fits your budget. You can just unwrap the gift during the event
and start making some 360 degree videos and even go live on social media. They
will think of you and thank you on their honeymoon with awesome videos that
will make memories for a lifetime.

Fitness Band

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A fitness band is one of the most popular products of the Internet of Things. It
tracks your sleep hours, exercising, walking, running, cycling etc. and lets you
keep a track on your life just with the help of a simple app on your smart phone.
We recommend the Misfit Shine smart wrist band which is waterproof, practical

and elegant. It’s a smart accessory that will make your life a lot easier. Therefore,
our next cool idea for a wedding gift is a fitness band from Misfit Shine.

Smart Lock

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A smart solution for your home security is the new smart lock in the market which
can be locked and unlocked from your smart phone. There are many types of
smart locks for your home, bike, bag etc. and it’s a pretty good idea for a wedding
gift that will come in handy and useful. There are chances the newly weds will
move into a new house where they will be able to use your gift.

Gadgets for the Kitchen

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The kitchen has often been called the heart of a house but now it can be the
brains too. The Internet of Things is making possible a new wave of smart kitchen
gadgets, from sensors that know when the stove has been left on to forks that
remind us to slow down and savor each bite. There are literally thousands of
products for you to choose from for a wedding gift. Here's one product that we
recommend. It's called WeMo. The Smart Slow Cooker, to be released by Crock-
Pot any day now, goes one step further by making all the controls accessible via
users’ smartphones. It’s powered by Belkin’s free WeMo app, which lets users
start or stop cooking, adjust temperatures and cook times, and set alerts and

For the smart couple of today these could be fantastic gifts – buy them and see
their faces light up.

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