Cool Gadgets For Your Homes And Offices This Summer

Summer calls for some cool gadgets to help one stay fuss free under the sun. Here are 5 of the best gadgets you can have at home.

Ice Cream Maker


Ice creams are summer saviors and if it is homemade then nothing can beat that. There we bring Severin EZ 7402 which is used for making a litre of ice cream (or sorbet and frozen yogurt) within 30 minutes. Put all the ingredients inside the bowl and turn it on to have the perfect dessert in hand.

Air Conditioned Bed

Hot nights mean disturbed sleep and the fan does little to alleviate that suffering. During such a situation, an air conditioned bed Imported by C-Scout Japan is god send. It has quiet fans at the foot of the bed to circulate cool air from the opposite end through the membrane, giving you an air conditioned cushion. Moreover, running cost is low.

The Chill Puck

This is a way to keep drinks cooler on a longer basis. Designed to fit the bottom of all standard cans, the surface area connecting the can and ice pack is maximized. Moreover, ice pack gel can is so made that temperatures are lower than standard ice, keeping the drink colder over long time.

The Breeze-Blowing Umbrella

Hail Fanbrella, which while looking and feeling like an ordinary umbrella, has an inconspicuous fan placed underneath the canopy. That way, you get fresh cool breeze while walking through the summer onslaught. It is quiet and small while being powerful enough to reduce humidity. Just turn it on by pressing a switch on the handle of the umbrella.

Philips Wine Cooler

Philips Wine Cooler is for an evening party. Use a rechargeable battery to power Lumniware Cooler and operate it for up to 12 hours on a single 10-hour charge. Other features are integrated LED technology and soft touch controls to turn it on and off. There is a double insulating layer which ensures that the beverage will stay chilled.





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