CFLs V/s LED – the Lighting Solution

Power saving electronic choice is ruling the roost these days. Everybody is concerned about buying the best 5 star energy efficient appliances that can save unnecessary expenditures on electric bills. But while you inspect much on details of refrigerator, ac and washing machine have you ever thought of replacing the light bulbs with economic options? Yes the future of lighting has undergone great advancement and now it is really possible to cut down upon bill amounts in a smart way; But what to choose CFLs Compact Fluorescents or LEDs / Light Emitting Diodes? To come to a logical conclusion we will analyze the merits and demerits of both CFL and LED and then compare the prices to see which one is a better choice for economic India. Cfl Vs. Led   LED Merits

  • The biggest merit of LED lights are that they last longer than CFLs , meaning that even though you to pay more for the LEDs when purchasing you won’t experience trouble shooting often.
  • LEDs fit into normal light fixtures so no extra adapter.
  • LED has beautiful lighting effect and can be used for decorative purposes as well.

LED Demerits There are only two demerit – these are expensive lighting choices and are meant for directional lighting. LED Bulbs CFL Merits

  • Compact Fluorescent light is a micro version of standard fluorescent blub and has a very mellowing effect, nothing strong or harsh.
  • CFLs are very much affordable and inexpensive, compared to LED lighting.
  • CFLs offer ample light in a room

CFL Demerits Because CFLs contain mercury it filament often breaks and quick replacements become a hassle. Also in case the bulb breaks clean up is a grave problem. Cfl Bulb   Making Your Decision Most people make the decision between LEDs and CFLs with their pocketbook. LED costs more at purchase, but lasts longer. CFLs are cheaper, but if broken become not so convenient very fast. Other people decide that CFL lighting is closer to what they’re used to and therefore choose these bulbs to replace incandescent bulbs as they blow out. Both are efficient ways to light your home, and both work with all the sockets, lamps and fixtures you already own. If you enjoy a directional light for reading, cooking, or working at home, you might prefer the LED bulbs. For general home lighting, such as illuminating a room, CFL might be best.

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