Can You Really Take Your Mobile Phones To The Bathtub?

Mobile phones have proved themselves to be one of the greatest gifts to the mankind. Nowadays cell-phone technology has broken all boundaries when it comes to acquiring new innovative features and qualities. Some come with wireless chargers, some with super-fast processors & limitless mega-pixels and others with optimum build quality.

As the cost of these phones has escalated, so has our desire to keep them safe as much as possible. In recent years, well-known companies have made progress in this aspect by using tougher materials, stronger glass, and some manufacturers have even gone to the extent of making some of their newer smart-phones waterproof!

There is a new round of companies too, aiming to make almost every device waterproof without having to suffer any sort of compromises in the departments of design, weight or features to achieve it. Let us dive into the deeper end to divulge truths behind ‘waterproof mobiles’.

We all have come across people who have unfortunately spilled liquids on their phones, or even dropped them in the bathtub, or down the toilet & thereby feeling the pain of those hours of futile efforts of resurrecting them! Here are our picks from the current crop of smart phones in the market, which will help you guard your devices from the dangers of liquid.

xperia z1Sony Xperia Z1: We cannot proceed with this article without applauding this smartphone built with the adventurous kinds of people in mind. One of the features that make the Z1 better than its competition is water resistance, which has even been slightly upgraded as compared to its previous model Xperia Z, and the device can now withstand being submerged until 5 feet of water. It’s an amazingly wonderful feature to have in a high-end smart phone.

GalaxyS4Active-Press-02-580-90Samsung Galaxy S4 Active: When Sony is here, can Samsung be far behind? Samsung was determined not to leave a portion of the market uncovered after Sony played its trump card with the ‘water-proof’ Xperia Z & Z1. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is its answer. This device can shoot pictures underwater as well. It has the same waterproofing rating as the Sony Xperia Z – that’s 30 minutes of submersion at 1 metre.

kyoceraKyocera Torque : The Kyocera Torque has a waterproof design, but its specifications are way out-classed by the newer consumer based models of Samsung & Sony.
There is a legion of other brands of mobile phones that claim to be able to withstand water. Unfortunately, none of them made much of a splash and their waterproofing credentials were rather extremely over-hyped.

If you are set on buying a particular model that doesn’t come with any waterproofing credentials then you should not worry much. There are two companies, which recently launched in the market, services that aim to waterproof any device for an almost indefinite period of time- Liquipel & WaterFi.

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