Planning To Buy An AC This Summer? Know The Basic Facts!

Air Cooling Solutions

Considering the change in climate and the intolerable summer heat air conditioners are high in demand these days.  Fans and coolers are not effective alternatives when compared with an Air conditioning system. The necessity in turn introduced a variety of new brands and models of air conditioning system over the last few years which come within a reasonable price range.

Even a few years ago, buying an AC machine was a luxury for middle class families. Often people were found to purchase an extra stand fan or a cheap cooler to cope with hot summer nights. However, at present it has become very affordable. Today you can buy an AC at prices more affordable than ever and that too can be paid in installments.  There are plenty of brands providing air conditioners. Customers now tend to a good buy and as such, they do compare different brands. In accordance with the customer’s demand, manufacturers are introducing new models everyday. Electrolux, Samsung, LG,Voltas, whirlpool etc are some of the popular brands.

To purchase an air condition you need to have a thorough knowledge of the operational features to make a perfect choice. Most of the above mentioned brands have a good collection of energy efficient and instant cooling machines. Logo providing ‘5 star’ EER distinguished energy efficient air conditioning machine. Most of the modern devices ensure sound less functioning, and durable machine parts like condenser and compressor. Some of the latest AC models emit fragrance. Apart from this it is interesting to note that manufacturers are trying their best to launch a competitive market for environment friendly devices. Till the late 20 century, appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners used CFC. As you know CFC is a great threat to the ozone layers,causing massive global warming. Now this problem is not supposed to irk you anymore.

Samsung, LG,Voltas are other top brands. Electrolux has also earned a good market review with its AC machines. All these are within the reach of the middle class. As for an expensive ac machine, you can go for Carrier, the latest brand introduced in India.

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