Best Refrigerator Brands In India

A modern kitchen is now unthinkable without a refrigerator. It was considered a luxury a few years ago, but now it has become a necessity. Refrigerators not only retain the freshness of fruits and vegetables, it also helps preserve the nutrients in our food, leading to a healthier lifestyle.

There are various models and types of refrigerators available in the market; hence it isn’t easy to decide which kind of refrigerator to buy. Let’s guide you through some of the best refrigerator brands available in India.

medium07LG Refrigerators

LG brings out the latest innovative techniques in their range of refrigerators. It recently launched side by side door refrigerators equipped with four step purification system. LG refrigerators are further stocked with stylish features like ice- making, Vitamin Plus, works without stabilizer, New Blossom Patterns, Freeze & Cook Box.

Some of the popular models of LG refrigerators are- GC-F419BLQ and GL-254AAG4 in the double door section, GL-205XEDA5 in the single door section, and GC-L217BSXV, and GC-B217BSJV in the side by side door section.

RS21HZLMR-Samsung-Side-by-Side-RefrigeratorSAMSUNG Refrigerators

Samsung refrigerators offer superior cooling technique which keeps food fresh for a longer time. It provides direct cooling technology which can operate in voltages as low as 135V and as high as 290V. Another impressive feature is its ‘direct cool kit’ absorbs bad odours in the refrigerator thus keeping it odour free.

Some of the popular models of Samsung refrigerators are RT26FAJSABX/TL in the double door section, RS21HZLMR1/XT and RS844CRPC5H/TL in the side by side door section, and RR1915TCARX in the single door section.

whirlpool-refrigerator-price-listWHIRLPOOL Refrigerators

Whirlpool refrigerator possesses unique frosting control technology. It has an e-light which enables it to work, even in the absence of power. It also has a health guard door which keeps the fridge germ free and the food fresh for a very long duration.

Some of the popular models of Whirlpool refrigerators are Neo IC305 ACGB4 and NEO IC465 ACGB4 in the double door category, 180 Genius and Ice Magic 5DG Finish in the single door category.

32797GODREJ Refrigerators

Godrej refrigerators recently launched their pro refrigerator models offering 6- star performance, with energy efficiency up to 15% more, compared to other 5 star refrigerators available in the market. It has been a leading manufacturer since the last decade. Godrej refrigerators provide advanced freshness, storage efficiency, energy savings and stylish exteriors to match the consumers’ modern lifestyles.

Some of the popular models of Godrej refrigerators are RD Edge 185 CW and RD Edge Pro 190 PDS in the single door category, GFE 30 CMT4N in the double door category.

Several factors like capacity, energy consumption, family size, budget, etc have to be considered while buying a refrigerator. To browse through a diverse collection of refrigerators you can visit




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