Best Mobile Phones of the Year

With the advancement of time, technology is making humongous progress. One of the boons of technology, smartphones have become smarter and efficient. All the latest smartphones include an 8GB RAM which is more than the storage space of a normal laptop. The mobile phones provide you with a resolution that is equivalent to any television. Here is an account of the top five hi-tech cell phones currently in the market.

Apple iPhone X

GE 1

Apple iPhone X is undoubtedly one of the leading phones of 2018. One of the impressive features in the phone is its camera which is the best till now. The phone promises a power packed performance because of its A11 Bionic Chip. One of the most talked-about features of iPhone X is the ‘face unlock’ which has been well advertised by Apple and has already created a buzz. The battery life is also better than the previous iPhones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 

GE 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the best android smartphone in the market right now. This phone provides the best display with a RAM of 6GB and is among the fastest android phones. The phone has an excellent camera with a 12MP primary camera and 8MP front camera.

Google Pixel 2 XL

GE 6

The Google Pixel 2 XL secured a place in the top five cell phones owing to some of its impressive features. With an internal memory of 4GB and an external storage space of 64/128GB, the phone gives you ample space for your photos and apps. The camera quality is top-notch with a 12MP Primary Camera and 8MP Front Camera.

Samsung Galaxy S8+

GE 4

If you like big screens, then Samsung Galaxy S8+ is the phone you should go for. With a 6.2 inch display, this phone has a QHD resolution. The AMOLED panel and the Exynos 8895SoC keep things smart and smooth. The phone has an internal memory of 4GB and 6GB and an additional  memory capacity of 64GB and 128GB.

Apple iPhone 8 PLus

GE 5

The Apple iPhone 8 Plus is one of the smoothest and the fastest smartphones in the market. It has accumulated all the best features Apple can provide. This phone has an internal memory of 3GB and an external memory of 64GB and 256GB. Along with it, the phone also includes a primary camera of 12MP and the Front Camera of 7MP.

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