5 Unique and Innovative Gadgets in 2018

As the new year arrives there are a ton of smart gadgets to watch out for. With
innovation comes technology, and with technology comes convenience and
comfort. Thankfully you don’t have to pay a huge price to buy these products
because of the intelligent minds behind the design and creation of the products.
We bring to you some of the most innovative tech products to look out for in
2018, that will make your life easier and a lot smarter.

Amazon Echo Dot

G 1

The Echo Dot is a cheap device, that gives you on-demand news, music, alarms,
movie times, restaurant recommendations available for under Rs 4000. You can also
link it with other smart-home devices to trigger lights, appliances, etc. with the
sound of your voice.


G 2

If your home is your castle how come the king and queen do all the work. Now
there is WeMo. WeMo lives on your smartphone. Anything that you can plug in ,
table lamps, speakers, television, anything you can think of, you can control it
with WeMo. You can turn things on or off, even put them on a schedule, so that
you can save time. With WeMo, you just have less to worry about. It also has
motion sensors that lets you switch on and off lights by detecting your motion.

Flic Hub

G 3

One button for all your needs. Play/pause music or video, call someone or send a
text message or order food. All with the help of just one small button. What else
you can do? You can open or close your door, call a taxi, switch off lights or even
turn on the television. Its definitely a button worth getting.


G 4

Dbell is a smart security for your home. It’s a high quality easy to use affordable
security system with an angled viewing attachment for maximum visibility. Whether you are at your home or away instant motion detector alarms will alert you when someone is at your door communicate with your visitors from the palm of your hand or your smart phone. There are tons of other features for you packed inside this easy to use device.

Blink Security Camera

G 5

This security camera is the most affordable indoor option available to you and is
insanely easy to use. It works with your existing Wi-Fi network to deliver clear,
live 720p video to iOS and Android devices. Here’s the real kicker: it runs on two
AA batteries, making it easy to place anywhere.
So while you keep shopping for your latest mobile phones and ipads make sure
you know about this and be gadget updated.



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