Kitchen Chimney: A Must Have In Every Kitchen

Modular Cook House with a Kitchen Chimney

    The concept of typical Indian kitchen has undergone a sea change. Huge kitchen area consisting of one or two charcoal grilled or earthen stoves are hardly found these days. Globalization has resulted in a more sophisticated Indian lifestyle. People of the urban and rural kind are fascinated by luxury living. You will find that most of the apartments and buildings of Kolkata are well furnished and equipped with modern kitchen appliances. Modern gadgets have done more to change the entire look and concept of age old Indian kitchens. in such a setting it is needless to say how important the kitchen chimney has become.

Kitchen chimney is essential for various reasons: health and hygiene, cleanliness etc.  Most of the modern apartments of today grant little space for kitchen. Due to short area, there may be a problem in air ventilation. Smokes and oils in various gaseous forms, emitted will inevitably pollute your kitchen and cause a certain sticky-ness about the place. All these are harmful for your health as well as for your kitchen. Kitchen chimney makes the kitchen fresh, removes smokes and odors efficiently. This appliance is placed just above stoves, as to hurl the oil and warm air away from the cooking area. It includes effective exhaust systems that work to create a great suction. It lets you to enjoy cooking in a fresh and odor free environment.

Current Indian market provides two types of chimney technology.

  • Chimney with aluminum cassette filter includes multi- layered metal based filter, able to retain grease particles.
  • Baffle filtered chimney is the improved form of aluminum mesh filter. It is quite efficient to separate oil molecules from the emitted smoke. It is more effective than mesh filter and ideal for Indian kitchen.
  • Features of good chimney consist of a powerful air suction capacity for deep frying  from 401m3/hr. Most of the standard brands like Faber, Glen, Cater, Siemens provides chimney models with greater air suction capability. Buying a kitchen chimney also requires another consideration, the presence of blower. Usually presence of more blowers assures good and effective service.


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