LED TV Facts To Know Before You Buy

LED TV Facts To Know Before You Buy

An LED TV is the most important type of television that has come in the market today. This is because it is the latest generation of TVs that people love to buy at present. They are very popular among both the youth and the middle aged people as they provide a high level of brightness and clarity.


The full form of LED is Light Emitting Diode and these TVs have revolutionized the way we watch television in the modern age. This is because of the use of cutting edge technology that they encompass. This gives people the right level of choices while selecting a TV set.

Here are some LED facts that you need to know before you buy an LED TV. This will help you in choosing the right LED TV set for your house.

An LED is an Evolved LCD

An LED is basically an evolved LCD. The full form of LCD is Liquid Crystal Display. This is just a marketing ploy where an LCD TV is illuminated with backlit diodes and not with cathode ray tubes. They are now available with Samsung’s ultrathin models having come into the market. This has helped in increasing their popularity.

LED Backlights Configuration

There are two ways in which we have LED Backlit configurations at the centre of the back and at the sides. When LEDs were made for the first time, the lights were located at the centre of the back whereas later on they were put to the sides as this helped in making the televisions thinner.

Hence, now there are two types of configurations but now obviously the thinner ones are more popular as they take up less space. This single fact has given a fillip to the use of LED TVs all over the world. There are light guides at the end of these TVs so that you can have a better view of the screen.

A Technology Called Local Dimming

The LEDs have a technology called as local dimming wherein each part of the TV gets dimmed in a different manner. This makes it a very innovative technology wherein each part of the television has a different brightness and tone.

This local dimming facility is revolutionary in the sense that earlier televisions did not have this added facility in their screens. The benefits this offers are numerous and this ranges from getting a better picture quality to less strain on the eyes.

3LED TVs are Really Thin

LED TVs are very thin TVs but their uniformity suffers. This is because the lighting at the back isn’t uniform. This gives them the characteristic that the outer edges appear to be brighter than the centre of the screen.

The ironic feature of these TVs is the fact that when you put an all-black image, the outer edges will appear lighter or grayer.

LEDs have poor angle viewing

LEDs are just a variation of LCDs and hence, they have the same features of poor angle viewing. This means that when viewed from an angle, the clarity of the pictures is bad and this is something you have to contend with.

Thus, these are the LED TV facts that you need to know before you buy one.






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Buying An AC: Fact Check

Air conditioners play a very important role in our lives today. This is because they provide us relief from the heat waves that are experienced during summer. This has made air conditioners a necessity and not a luxury.

Air conditioners are expensive devices that make it essential for you to know the facts and figures before making an investment. There are various facts that need to be considered while buying an AC. This is why it becomes important for you to analyze these facts in detail before making a decision.

1Size: Decide on the Power Needed

This is the most important criteria that you need to keep in mind before making a decision. The size of an AC is generally decided on the basis of tons that are needed by the room that you wish to use the air conditioner in.

The lowest tonnage of an AC is 1 ton and this is the mandatory one that you will need for the smallest of rooms. The next one is 1.5 ton and this will be needed for a medium sized room. The next one is 2 tons and this will be needed for a large to very large room.

Thus, you need to choose your AC based on the size of your room. This is a very important decision and you need to be very careful on this.

Hand with remote controlTypes of Air Conditioners

There are many types of air conditioners and this will be decided on the basis of the machine. These consist of four types the split system, the reverse system, the inverter system and multi systems.

The split system consists of two parts the first one is kept inside the room and the second one is kept outside. This enables you to get the best amount of fresh air available from outside and this gives you better ventilation.

The second type is the reverse one where you have both the cooling and a heating function in the same machine. This will help you get the most benefits from the single machine. The third type is the inverter system where the air that is produced by the AC is varied and has different levels of usage.

This does not stop and start leading to jerky motions. This helps you get the desired room temperature very quickly and this can be helpful for you in the long run. The only disadvantage is that these ACs are expensive owing to their better facilities.

Extra Features

You need to make note of the extra features that you may need and these include remote control dehumidifier and timers that can help you in the process of cooling your room while you are asleep and can provide you with better facilities.

Energy Consumption

You also need to take into account the levels of energy that are consumed by the machines. This is easy to find by studying the wattage of the machines. As ACs are used only during summer, you need to make your calculations in such a way as to provide you with a figure that will enable you to come to the right conclusion.

Thus, in this way, you can make a thorough check of the facts before buying an AC for cool comfort!



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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Apple iPhone 6

The long wait is finally over people – Apple has taken the curtains off its new flagship smart phone. Apple iPhone 6 is finally in stands for you to grab.

1. Make-Over time

The iPhone 6 is the slimmest iPhone has ever made. It is just 6.9mm and its overall shape is a lot more organic. It has softer and rounder edges will feel a lot more comfortable in your hands.

The power button is shifted to the right hand side for easy access – which is a welcome change given to the overall larger size of the device.

The iPhone 6 has a 4.7in screen which is substantially larger. The iPhone 6 has an ion-strengthened display. Apple iPhone 62. Camera

The resolution of the iPhone 6’s screen has been bumped up to 1134 x 750, giving a total of 326ppi. The iPhone 6 8MP sensor has got some new changes. It posseses bigger pixels, along with phase detection autofocus which should result in snappier shots.Panoramas have increased to 43MP in size with improved stitching, and the camera can now record super-slow-motion video at 240fps, in addition to the standard 1080p recordings at 30/60fps.

Apple iPhone 6

3. Processor

The iPhone 6’s new A8 processor is second-gen 64-bit offering with some 2 billion transistors, hence making it almost 25% faster than the iPhone 5s’ A7 offering.

4. NFC

Another extremely interesting concept is that of the NFC. The iPhone 6 is also the first Apple device to land with NFC. Apple Pay is a service which lets US MasterCard, Visa and American Express users make contactless payments using NFC, with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner taking care of the encryption.

Apple iPhone 65. Batteries just got much better

The iPhone 6 large battery, which Apple says lets it do up to 80 hours of audio, 14 hours of video, up to 24 hours of talk time over 3G and 16 days of standby. Now these are definitely impressive numbers we’re talking.

Apple is launching its newest smart phone in India in October, make sure you grab one!

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Best Tablet To Buy In India

Tablets are the new personal laptops for the modern generation and everyone desires to own one. Apple introduced the iPad in 2010, and since then the craze for tablets has only hiked at a meteoric rate.

While Apple still holds the biggest share of the tablet market, other big brands have launched their own models. But with so many options in the world of tablets, it might be difficult for you to decide which tablet will be the best according to your needs.

Let’s guide you through some of the most popular tablets available in the market nowadays.

Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display


Apple iPad Mini has a display is of 7.9 inch along with a stunning screen resolution of 2048X1536 pixels. It is equipped with A7 chip that makes the device much faster. Apple also added a co-processor called M7. The battery life is up to 10 hours. Apart from all these impressive features, iPad Mini carries the latest interface iOS 7 which helps to do multi-tasking.

uk_SM-T3100ZWABTU_001_Front_whiteSamsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0

Samsung Galaxy tablet carried a display of 8 inches with a screen resolution of 800X1280 pixels. It flaunts a 1.3 megapixels front-facing camera along with a 5 megapixel rear camera. An impressive feature that this device boasts is its 1.5 GHz dual-core processor with Exynos 4212 chipset. The device has a battery life of 11 hours since it carries a 4450 mAh battery.

Nokia Lumia 2520

Nokia’s first tablet called Lumia 2520 comes with a 10.1 inch full HD display. Its polycarbonate body may remind you of Nokia’s Lumia phones. It sports a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor. Along with this Nokia has added a 6.7 megapixels camera with Carl Zeiss lens. The device gives around 16 hours of battery life.

Google Nexus 7


Google Nexus comes with a 7 inch display along with a screen resolution of 1920X1200pixels. It is equipped with the latest update of Android 4.3. Google has also added wireless charging for the device. It has a 1.2 megapixels camera on the front for video calling and a 5 megapixel rear camera. It has an amazing battery which lasts for 11 hours.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z


Sony Xperia Tablet Z is considered to be the thinnest tablet in the world. It sports a water and dust resistant feature. It is a 10.1 inch tablet with a screen resolution of 1200X1920 pixels. The device has an internal storage if 16GB which is expandable. The tablet flaunts an 8.1 megapixel camera along with an impressive front-facing camera of 2.2 megapixels. It is powered by a 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor. It has up to 10 hours of battery life with a 6000 mAh battery.


Tablets are useful for their portability. It is ideal for those who want a computer to take with them on-the-go. Their touchscreen and light weight makes them ideal for portable entertainment, instant access to the Internet, and taking notes.


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Useful Home Appliances For A Bachelor:

For a bachelor, life away from home may not be smooth or easy especially for someone who has been under constant supervision of his loving mother and caring sisters. But when he is away from home for his studies or career prospects, he has to adjust with the day-to-day issues on his own as there will be nobody to cook for him or wash his dirty linens. But thanks to today’s modern futuristic home appliances which are designed in keeping in mind the practical needs and requirements, even a loner would find every household chore from cooking to ironing easier and more fun with the help of these appliances.


Kenstar Sandwich Maker:

 Every morning before office, making breakfast is a Herculean task for many bachelors; but not with Kenstar sandwich maker which offers quick and effortless sandwich making. Sandwich ready mode and power on are given with the machine, so that with one press you can get the desired result. To prevent slipping, small skid resistant valves are given. So make your mornings more relaxing now.


Kenstar Mixer Grinder:


Prior to cooking, mixing and grinding was a task which took a hell lot of a time. To minimize both time and energy over this task, bring a Kenstar mixer grinder. The machine is equipped with a 750 watt powerful motor. It has an N Dura oil seal which prevents food particles from entering its rotating parts. This time saving machine is designed with Inter changeable LID and Flexi CAP for superior performance. And good thing is that it is equipped with a low noise motor.



Sony Z2 Tablet:

A bachelor’s life gets smarter and cooler with a tablet that has superb features and excellent technologies. If you are looking for such a tab, then Sony’s Z2 can be the one for you. This perfectly combines audio technologies and a TV in a 10.1’ package. This super slim tab comes with amazing viewing and incredible sound- truly it redefines entertainment. If your hands are wet, don’t refrain from touching it as it is not only waterproof, but also scratch and dust proof. And if you are a camera buff, you don’t need to carry your camera all the time as a Sony Z2 Tablet comes with an 8 MP camera which takes sharp pictures. With Bluetooth speaker, gaming, greater mobile experience with Android; this business-ready tablet surely offers something extra.



LG Dish Washer:

 Often bachelors are at a loss about the heap of dirty dishes after cooking and having meals. They simply don’t have any other option except washing them individually which is time and energy consuming. Not to worry ever again as they have an LG dish washer; this combines a chic appearance with superior performance. Together the machine is designed with fully electronic control, triple filter system, adjustable upper rack, Vario washing and many other advanced features.


With these modern appliances, make your bachelor life less complicated and simpler.

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