Why You Need An iPhone 7

Be Trendy With iPhone 7

iPhone 7, A Must Have Gadget


Apple iPhone 7 is launched in September 2016 powered by quad-core Apple A 10 Fusion processor and with a 2GB RAM. The smart phone packs a 32GB of internal storage that cannot be expanded. A 12 megapixel primary camera set on the rear end and a 7 megapixel one on the front part ideal for selfies; a smart enough device to shoot your memorable moments in 4K quality, four times the resolution of 1080p HD.

A Rich History to Be Revealed

Apple is found in a garage in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. It was launched as computer and gradually developed into everything from laptops to media players. Creating a peer customer base the brand took a leap in the market with smart phone and tablet respectively in the year 2007 and 2010.

International Market Share

United States followed a 7% year to year increase in Apple’s market share. Being the most trusted and desirable global brand Apple has the strongest rate of growth in the last two years as well as the brand has seen the highest share since the end of January 2015. Though Android phones still holds dominant sales share a recent report shows there is a gradual decline in android share.

Why iPhone?

It has been seen that apart from USA the other part of the world is twisted towards Apple and when a person start using this particular device never change his brand to some other ones. With a 4.7 inches screen, rounded edges and a 6.8 mm thick metal body iPhone 7 is available in silver, gold and gray color. This is considered as the slimmest mobile available in the market with a big package inside the slim fit body.

Are You Game?

iPhone 7 delivers a great performance with up to 50% faster CPU capacity than iPhone 6; you will have the best gaming experience ever with this device. The original iPhone introduced multi touch to the world changing the entire way of experiencing technology giving it a new dimension. The best electronic store in Kolkata says that with 3D touch you can do several things together you never thought possible before. Future apps are designed to meet these needs.

The smartest device will make you spell bound with numerable trendy features and futuristic technology. Along with Europe and America this phone creates a stir in the rest of the world; even in third world countries such as India has a vast and growing market for this special hand phone. Upgraded display screen, sapphire glass body and scratch resisting technology from all kind of external conditions made it stand aloof and a coveted item in the globe.




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Top Tips to Maintain Your Refrigerator

A nonperforming refrigerator is nightmarish as it is the most frequently used home appliances. It is very significant to maintain a regular check up for your refrigerator to prolong the working life and to ensure the best performance. There are some home remedies for your fridge to provide a longer and error free service.

Defrosting Problem

Sometimes failing to shut the refrigerator door properly can lead to this problem. If the problem arises for some other reason, then clean or replace the gasket. Check the plug and replace the cord if it is damaged. And always remember to shut the fridge door carefully.

The Interior Light Is Off And The Fridge Does Not Gear Up

We all have dealt with this problem. You can conquer the problem by checking for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker; if both are okay then check the plug and replace the cord if damaged.

Fill the Shelves Up

Always try to fill up the refrigerator as it needs thermal mass to maintain low temperature. Cold food and beverages help absorbing warm air that streams in when you open the door, so try to keep it closed as far as possible and take out all the necessary things when you need to open the door; if your fridge is bigger for your needs and is mostly empty, then store few jugs of water in it.

Check the Door Seals

A damaged door seal can lead to multiple problems for your refrigerator. The hot air will tend to seep out making the working tougher for it. Clean it twice a year using a toothbrush and baking soda. If there is serious issue related to the door seal then opt for a professional help.

When the Power Goes Off

An unopened refrigerator can keep the food safe for a longer time, so do not even try to open the fridge door when there is a power cut for long time. For example, a freezer can maintain its temperature for two days if full and for one single day if half-full.

A Professional Help

When you are unable to detect the problem your refrigerator is facing, contact a repair-professional. They are having the knowledge and the required tools to solve any issues. And always try to buy the consumer durables from a best electronics store in Kolkata such as Great Eastern Appliances to avoid petty problems as the best store offers best goods along with splendid after sales service.


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Gadgets as a Gift Item: Know How to Buy the Best Products

Choosing a perfect gift item for your loved ones is a serious problem we all face in our lives. Often we wonder what to gift during festive season or for some specific occasions, especially when you are not sure about their tastes. Here come few ultra modern gadgets to gift your tech-savvy friends and family.


Basically bed phones are headphones meant for sleeping. They are especially designed for listening when you are in bed and about to go for a long slumber. The ultra sleek ear headphones do not create barriers between you and your pillow and above all the soft cover does not hurt your ears. Be sure about their safety anywhere, anytime.

Multi Fixing Tool

If your friend, husband or father loves to work as a handyman, here is the solution. Gift him a multi fixing tool and never get queued up in the tool department again. This special kit contains 20 different tools in one compact design that features a quick release clip to allow the holder always to be handy. This sturdy multi-functional tool kit will make a very good gift item that can drive away all DIY dilemmas.

The Magic Music Multi Speaker

This music speaker in the shape of a monkey can be a very good gift item as it accompanies the computers or mp3 players just brilliantly. It will be fun to watch the monkey plays and grooves to the tune of music. The only thing is needed to plug it to the headphone port of the device with the supplied cable. Put the power button on and he will start dancing; no doubt he can be the most entertaining speaker available in the market. The cute monkey only needs USB or three AA batteries to be cheered up.


This can be a unique gift item indeed. The unputdownable, stunning, high-end and good looking drone will be a little pricier but will worth every penny. It provides a great footage while skiing down a mountain side or a rocky road without losing the connection with the remote. The footage, captured by the drone camera is absolutely high definition and the motors provide less resistance enabling more power to the rotors.

Apart from the above mentioned items smart watches, smart tracking devices for elders or wearable health devices are popular gift items; it is best way to hop into the best electronic stores in Kolkata such as Great Eastern Appliances and explore the new dimensions in the field of electronic gadgets.

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Spreading Smiles This Christmas :Great Eastern Gifts Scholarships

“And, when you want something, All the Universe conspires in helping you achieve it” says Paulo Coelho in his much acclaimed novel, The Alchemist.

When Raj Giri’s father was diagnosed of a severe health issue, his entire family went bankrupt to pay for the treatments. Yet, his father could not be saved. His family today leads a very tough life with hardly any member to earn a decent livelihood. But that has not stopped this young boy from studying. Yes, Raj Giri is a student of the Jagadbandhu Institution. Even though he lost his father and his family was left bankrupt, his zeal and love for education did not end. He was struggling hard to continue his education and just then Great Eastern Appliances appeared in his life with a scholarship of Rs 10,000/- which would help him pursue his higher education.


Raj is not the only one, Moumita Shaw is a college student whose father has passed away and now her elder sister is the sole bread earner for her family. Inspite of the difficulties her family goes through every day, Moumita has not given up her studies.

Another young girl coming from a conservative Muslim family is Rubaiya Khatun, a student of Tollygunj Girls High School. Even though she has faced many adversities due to her social background, gender and financial status, she has held her head high and continues to study. Her family supports her as much as they can, but financial issues have always been a bar for her.

Ratan Mukherjee had lost his father when he was young, and his mother has abandoned him recently, leaving him with his grandparents. His grandmother works as a housemaid and is the sole earner of the family. Needless to say, this young boy has a very difficult life but education is something, which he has refused to give up.


All these students who are meritorious and are eager to continue their studies have received a helping hand from Great Eastern Appliances. This noble event, an initiative of Mr. Pulkit Baid, the owner of Great Eastern Appliances, took place at the Technocity store on 12th December 2016. A scholarship of Rs 10,000/- has been provided to 16 students for their higher education. 14 of them took part in the event. However 2 of them who are blind students from Premasree could not be a part of the event due to the unavailability of someone to accompany them. Their cheques have been kept aside and will be provided to them later.


A noble cause indeed has been taken by Great Eastern Appliance of not only spreading happiness and smiles but also education.

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Sarad Srestha Glimpses

With the each passing day the trend of theme pujo is increasing in Kolkata. Almost every pandal is coming up with different innovative ideas and theme, for example some clubs are trying to give us a feel of old calcutta and its culture, whereas some are trying bring the effect of a different era. From past few years the some of the clubs are even trying to highlight the contemporary issues of our society.


Great Eastern Appliances one of the best electronics store in kolkata took the initiative to appreciate and motive the clubs for their effort. A competition Sarad Srestha Best Green Pujo has been conducted in association with Times of India and the gifts was sponsored by Great Eastern Appliances. The competition was judged by few renowned people from Tollywood actors like Swastika Mukherjee and Rimjhim Mitra. The top five Times Sarad Srestha Best Green Pujo Winners are – Behala Club Sarbojonin Durgotsav, Kashi Bose Lane Durga Pujo Committee, Beleghata 33 Pally Bashi Brinda, 41 Pally Club, Dum Dum Park Yuva Brinda. Each of the five winners have received Gifts worth Rs. 50,000/- each.


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