Great Eastern Pujo Offers

Great Eastern, The best electronic store in Kolkata is back this year with yet another set of new puja offers.

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Choose from a wide range of home theatres to iron, refrigerator to washing machine. Walk in to our any outlet from around the city and avail the special discounts and special combo offers.

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Also collect your lucky draw gifts and assured gifts.Special attraction is but a Nikon DSLR camrea with a payment of Rs.1/- and pay in easy monthly EMIs of Rs.4089.

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Combo offers like Double door refrigerator and induction cook top combines range starting from Rs.16999/-,Morphy 3 jar mixer-sandwich grill and iron combo range starting from Rs.2849/- are a rage this season.

Fridge price in kolkata

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This Puja Get New Gadgets for Your Home

Make your pujas more exciting with some new and fresh gadgets that have already started to make their presence felt in the market. Try out some new and cool stuffs this festive time from the best electronic store in kolkata, Great Eastern Appliances.

Eco Cleaner

This smart device can make the plates bright, clean and fresh in no time. Eco-cleaner uses new technology and is capable to convert the food waste to something reusable for the plants. Electrolux has come up with this innovative and portable gadget which will absolutely revolutionize the dining experience completely. It uses solar energy for charging. A perfect next generation gadget, get it this puja from your favorite electronic store, whom you can absolutely trust.

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Green Smart Glass

Thinking about next generation products, this is a smart glass indeed that is capable to harness the heat from your favorite beverage. This is a refrigerated as well as insulated mug . Normally we do not have hot coffee or tea, and this in turn faces a good loss of heat. The Green Smart glass has been designed to convert this kind of loss of  heat on the inner wall of the glass to electricity. This way a lot of energy can be saved.

Orbital Washing Machine

Puja is not about having your favorite beverage, but also includes wearing your favorite attire. And after a whole day’s pandal hopping the need for cleaning too becomes absolutely necessary. Thus to rescue all from the situation, an excellent and efficient orbital washing machine has come up that has a single basket where you can load or unload your soiled clothes. The spherical drum has dual axis to make the washing better.

LG ThinQ Refrigerator

Now you can simply control your refrigerator  by your smartphone. LG has come up with an innovative addition for your home. This 3 door room has a 8 inch Wi-fi LCD screen. It has a Glide and serve drawer and you can maintain an inventory on all the perishable food stored.

Sony Smartwatch

If you thought a watch is a passé, then think again as Sony has introduced a smart watch to monitor your gadgets and can control music too with the help of bluetooth and other apps. You can also  mail, chat or text your friends with this gadget.

These smart gadgets will surely make your puja even more exciting.




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Buying A Wall Top TV: Know the Benefits

People are increasingly falling for Wall Top TV as nothing can amuse and refresh you after a hectic day than your favorite show. Check out what are the benefits of having a wall top TV.

Space Saver

Contemporary homes require space savers. Be it furniture or a television, everything is tailored to fit your space. Thanks to the Wall top TV these days that can act as a smart space saver.  If you place a television on a table or in a stool, it takes up a good amount of extra space.  But take extra care to get a good wall bracket so that your TV is safe. Some brands like Panasonic provides a wall bracket with the set. This utilizes the maximum space in your living room too.


 Go For a Sleek Look

Wall Top TV can give a peck to your home decor.  Do remember to hide away all the hanging wires from the TV to get a clean look.  You can also try using your television to display slideshows of your precious moments.

Less Chances of Damage

If you are using a wall top TV, then do remember that there are less chances of damage. Children while playing might often knock down the TV if placed in a table. If properly mounted a television will not fall off.

The View is Optimal

A wall mounted TV can be viewed through a wide range of angles. The height chosen is perfect to watch without straining neck or eyes. If you are having a flat screen, then hanging is the best option.

 Mounting Is Not That Difficult

You might have the idea that mounting a TV is a hectic task, but it is not so. Just one or two person is capable to put up your TV. These days the companies are making good user manuals to guide you mount the TV. The best electronic store in Kolkata, Great eastern appliances offers the best services so that mounting is not a hazardous task for you.

Flat screen TVs like plasma or LCD TV are meant to be wall mounted for better visual experience. So, if you are having such TV or is planning to buy one simply mount it on your wall and enjoy!

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Tips to Maintain a Washing Machine

You might often forget to take care of your washing machine, but it actually needs your love and care. If you wish to make your electronic device run smoothly, check out some of the ways to take care.

 Go for Some Deep Cleaning

If you feel that some bad odour is coming from your washing machine or the clothes are not getting a smart clean, it is high time that you give a good deep cleaning to your machine. You can simply use your detergent along with some warm water and let it run on an empty cycle.  This will make your machine feel fresh once again.  For sanitizing purpose you can mix detergent powder with bleach. Allow the machine to soak the solution. Then press the rinse cycle once and you are done.

Door Needs to Be Kept Open

After cleaning , let the water evaporate from the washing machine. Then close the lid or door of the machine. This will improve the air circulation. It removes any sort of unwanted odours too.

 Clean Any Sort of Spills

If anything spills on your washing machine, clean it immediately as dry stains are difficult to remove. It also damages the polish of the machine.

 Clean the Drain Pump Filter

If you are having a front load washing machine then make sure that you clean the drain pump filter once or twice a week.  If you face any sort of problem with water drainage or is experiencing sluggish drainage or facing  excessive vibrations, it’s time to take care and clean your filter.

 Give the Right Spin

If you are using a higher spin for washing, it might help you dry clothes faster but in the process of wear and tear the shelf life of the machine gets lessened for sure.

Most importantly buy washing machine from a good brand that ensures good customer care support or go for the best electronic store that offers an round support.  These are some of the ways which can keep your washing machine happy for sure.




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Cool Gadgets For Your Homes And Offices This Summer

Summer calls for some cool gadgets to help one stay fuss free under the sun. Here are 5 of the best gadgets you can have at home.

Ice Cream Maker


Ice creams are summer saviors and if it is homemade then nothing can beat that. There we bring Severin EZ 7402 which is used for making a litre of ice cream (or sorbet and frozen yogurt) within 30 minutes. Put all the ingredients inside the bowl and turn it on to have the perfect dessert in hand.

Air Conditioned Bed

Hot nights mean disturbed sleep and the fan does little to alleviate that suffering. During such a situation, an air conditioned bed Imported by C-Scout Japan is god send. It has quiet fans at the foot of the bed to circulate cool air from the opposite end through the membrane, giving you an air conditioned cushion. Moreover, running cost is low.

The Chill Puck

This is a way to keep drinks cooler on a longer basis. Designed to fit the bottom of all standard cans, the surface area connecting the can and ice pack is maximized. Moreover, ice pack gel can is so made that temperatures are lower than standard ice, keeping the drink colder over long time.

The Breeze-Blowing Umbrella

Hail Fanbrella, which while looking and feeling like an ordinary umbrella, has an inconspicuous fan placed underneath the canopy. That way, you get fresh cool breeze while walking through the summer onslaught. It is quiet and small while being powerful enough to reduce humidity. Just turn it on by pressing a switch on the handle of the umbrella.

Philips Wine Cooler

Philips Wine Cooler is for an evening party. Use a rechargeable battery to power Lumniware Cooler and operate it for up to 12 hours on a single 10-hour charge. Other features are integrated LED technology and soft touch controls to turn it on and off. There is a double insulating layer which ensures that the beverage will stay chilled.





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