Sony’s Curved LED TV

Avant garde technology has made the cinematic view come alive in your living room through Sony’s new curved LED TV. Watching movies, TV shows, games, online videos and music on curved LED TV is now a completely different experience. But what are the prominent features of this revolutionary invention, which are responsible for rightly calling this the world’s first curved LED TV?


An Amazing Home Theatre: This curved TV has brought the feel of theater to your living room by expanding the field of vision. This reduces eye fatigue. The Curved LED TV offers wide ranges of the colour spectrum. Moreover, the TRILUMINOS display technology offers natural colour shades. Therefore, landscapes look more vivid and lively. With the help of new generation technology, Sony’s Curved LED TV provides much precise acoustics. For that the 40 watt speakers are placed at angles in multiple directions. Now you don’t need to fight with your pals or family for sitting in front of the TV for proper viewing. With Sony’s curved LED TV, you can host a big game at your house as this slight curvature is designed to produce a broad angle visibility.


Making Connectivity Flexible:
Sony’s Curved LED TV makes connectivity easy and less complicated. With this accessibility, you can enjoy Sony entertainment programmes like movies, games, music, etc. By connecting to the Internet you can gain access to social media like Facebook, Youtube, etc. This will also enable you to transform clips from the smart big TV screens for everyone to enjoy.


Finding the right balance in colour, contrast and clarity:
Clarity is also another feature of Sony’s Curved LED TV which makes it stand out. Every motion on the screen simply creates a jaw-dropping impression. The motionflow XR 480 reduces blur and judder. The overall effect is simply fantastic. Dynamic edge LED with local dimming illuminates bright scenes. Also, contrast is well balanced in the right areas for realistic viewing effects.

Great Eastern recommends Sony’s curved LED TV for a great viewing experience. This will take you to a new realm of television viewing.

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An Auto Clean Chimney Makes Cleaning Hassle Free!

Our fast and smart modern lifestyle has pushed us to simplify life with the help of avant garde technologies. Today from morning to night, technology is an inseparable part of our life. Our very own kitchen is the place where we have tried lots of technological tools to make mammoth-sized tasks easy. Keeping this in mind, the look of the kitchen plays a major role in maintaining the hygienic level. Therefore, cleaning is our main priority. Gone are the days when chimney cleaning was a painstaking task. Now forget about spending half the day in scrubbing vigorously to get rid of stains. But the new auto clean chimney is most convenient to clean just by pressing one button.

auto clean

Keeps your kitchen pollution free:
The auto clean chimney features high quality and latest designs. These chimneys come at cost effective prices and with a warranty. Kitchen auto clean chimney hoods will deliver a European look to your kitchen. The 3G technology of the new generation will redefine the style of your kitchen and revolutionize the world of air treatment in your kitchen. This will keep your kitchen pollutant free keeping smoke and odour out of the kitchen every time. These chimneys have efficient air suction capacity. They are sturdy and well built. Also, they generate minimal noise keeping the glamour quotient intact. They are designed to have a longer service life. Many of them come with a powder coated finish ensuring features like abrasion resistance.


Makes cleaning fun: Cleaning a chimney was a hazardous task, but now it can be done in a short period of time. These chimneys have been designed with a cleansing button and oil collector. Just put some water into the oil collector and press the button. The job is done.

With the auto clean chimney, now cleansing after cooking is easy and fun too. It truly makes your housework hassle free!


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Popular Games Sought On Cell Phones

Your mobile phone is not a mere tool for receiving calls. Now mobile phones are multipurpose apparatus. We cannot think without our mobile; it’s our need, luxury and leisure device. There are times when you get bored sitting alone at the window sill or waiting for the train at the station; therefore, now popular games are also available on phones to add some extra charm in your lives so that you can spend some more time with your phones.. The game enthusiasts will surely be excited to play their favourite games on their phones. Here are some of the most popular sought after games:

Games are popular on phones: With the help of high grade technologies and modern futuristic techniques, the game designers have come up with real images in the games.

angry birds

 ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS: Angry Birds Star Wars is a very popular game among the game enthusiasts; the game revolves around the protection of the galaxy. With more than 200 levels; all the blasters, lightsabers, Jedi powers and hidden plusses will keep you glued to the screen while playing.


KINGDOM RUSH FRONTIERS: Another game kingdom, Rush Frontiers has attractive graphics. The tactical elements and deep game play will surely impress you.

PUNCH QUEST: Punch Quest is a game that helps you get all your anger and frustration out. With all the super moves poking, smashing and upper cutting; you can hit as hard as you want.

RYMDKAPSEL: This is a strategy game set in odd pixel-perfect realm. You control a few white rectangles, research enigmatic monoliths, build food stores and fire lasers at the intruders.


PLANTS v/s ZOMBIE 2: Crazy Dave is back with bang; this time with more undead creatures in Plants v/s Zombie 2.

Now mobile phones don’t only connect; play various games on your mobile phones and enjoy. They will surely help you to ameliorate your leisure time.

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Reasons To Get Yourself A Really Cool Refrigerator!

Why should we buy a refrigerator? This blog gives you the reasons. Manufacturers have been coming up with various new ideas to endorse refrigerators with innovative features to lower down our day to day hassles. Therefore, there are multiple companies’ products that are very much in demand as people feel the need to buy their refrigerators. The most renowned refrigerator manufacturers are Whirlpool, Samsung, LG and many others.

LG-Single-Door-RefrigeratorsLG Refrigerator: If we talk about the LG refrigerator, they offer more space for keeping food items without forgetting the style quotient. It is suitable for keeping food in an easy and convenient manner. Foods enjoy long lasting freshness it has been designed for with modern cutting-edge technology. Because of its 4-step air purification system, this redirector keeps food hygienic and healthy. They also remove dust, bacteria, odour, fungi, etc. You will find features like LED control panels, precise temperature settings, built-in water dispensers and easy-to-reach digital controls.


Samsung Refrigerator: The Samsung refrigerator features smart organizational mechanism so that one can make the maximum use of it. There is no need to worry if you have a long shopping list as this offers maximum space for keeping all the food items, vegetables, beverages, etc. The Samsung refrigerator opens up for more space which reduces the time required to find the right food. They have easy flexibility with the features of foldable shelf and easy slide shelf. Also, having the freezer at the bottom makes it easy for you to store heavy things comfortably. And also, with the contoured body it will give a sculpted look to the kitchen decor.


Whirlpool Refrigerator: Whirlpool refrigerator is another refrigerator, which has been designed to complement both your changing life style and aesthetic needs. The 6th sense deepfreeze technology in the refrigerator controls the movement of the cold air. It also increases its full circulation and speed.

Great Eastern recommends any of these refrigerators to make life more convenient and easy. So come and choose your favourite one that meets your needs and desires.

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Apple IPad Mini (White-Silver, 64GB, And Wi-Fi) Redefines Mobile Connectivity

Apple, the giant in telecommunications worldwide has come up with their iPad Mini (White-Silver, 64GB, Wi-Fi), which has been designed with more advanced technology and new generation softwares. In keeping with the standards of the brand, this quality product comes at cost-effective prices. There have been rigorous refurbishment processes before the sale of the product. Here are some other reasons why you should opt for this iPad:

apple 1

Easy Connectivity: The iPad Mini offers access to Wi-Fi connectivity. The iPad has bluetooth 4.0 technology and 7.9-inch LED-backlit display. Along with this, the iPad is designed to include a 5-megapixel iSight camera, a dual-core A5 chip and a multi-touch screen. The battery capacity is of 10 hours.

appy 2

Sleek Looking: There are numerous reasons to love this iPad Mini. The iPad Mini White-Silver is chic and trendy looking with its fluid and fast functioning. ISight cameras, face time cameras, amazing apps and solid battery life are among the features of the iPad Mini. Moreover, the colours are vivid and lively to make the images more prominent. Also, the text is sharper. The full-screen on apps let you be more imaginative. I Cloud is a new touch to iPad Mini White-Silver. Just by turning it on, you will have access to iPad, iPhone, iPod, PC, Mac, etc. And needless to say, due to Wi-Fi all the amazing stuff like music, videos and photos can be enjoyed.

Messaging is simple: With your voice, you can now send a message instead of writing it. By tapping the microphone icon on the keyboard, you can say whatever you like. If you are done, tap anywhere on the screen, and you will see your spoken words convert to a written script. IPad Mini (White-Silver, 64GB, Wi-Fi comes with a one year warranty. Dictation works easy with third party apps, so updating your Facebook status is less complicated now.

Great Eastern recommends Apple iPad Mini (White-Silver, 64GB, Wi-Fi) for more flexible and effective communication.

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