Top 3 Irons of 2014

In our day-to-day hectic schedule our new clothes become wrinkled, ridged and looks old. The charm and shine of the dress gets lost when you throng into a busy train compartment or bus, your brand new dress which you have got out of your wardrobe this morning to show your friend or colleagues, by the time you reach home the dress becomes nothing but looking like crumbled papers. To buy clothes is not enough; it has to look wrinkle free. For that you need to maintain it. Therefore having an iron machine with which you can iron your dress on regular basis while following certain rules. Here are some effective tips to buy irons of top quality.

Bajaj: with Bajaj iron the task is easier and quicker. It makes the clothes plain and smooth. It reaches every corner of the dress even the tricky ones and works wonderfully. The design of the iron is made in such way that to handle it is very easy. To maneuver it while using the machine is comfortable. Just gently press it and move it over the dress and see the result within a short period of time.

Philips: this is another option which gives you to buy the iron of good quality. The iron functions quickly on the fabric. With addition of sprinkling water the result will be much better. The using of this iron makes the ironing stay longer. You don’t have to think again and again about the dress as the ironing lasts longer.

Jaipan: Jaipan iron is flexible to hold and also easily to fit into any place. With light to the heavy fabrics like denim, this iron is suitable to make the fabric look soothing. Irons produce good amount of steam therefore clothes get the desired look in single pass.

Iron is a necessary product in households nowadays.







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Top Three Hair Styling Products- 2014

Hairstyle plays an important role in adding an extra charm to the overall appearance of an individual. It can be a make or break situation for all of us. For men and women both, a bad hairdo can be a disastrous experience. No one wants to go through that, but the pollution and dirt can make our hair look untidy. To maintain the long streaks in proper way we need to have three important equipments. Using these tools will settle the hair in tidy manner without making them look untidy.

Hair drier:


After bath we all forget to dry our hair properly which makes the roots weak. This causes hair fall. So use a drier to dry the hair after taking a bath. Driers are smartly designed to handle it properly. It is also light weight and one can keep it at any place comfortably. Also, it takes very little time to cool down the hair when you are really in haste.


Put an end to worry about the curly messy disorderly hair as there is straightener. People with curly hair have the secret desire to straighten their hair, use the hair straightener then. This will flatten the hair making it look sleek and streamlined. Also you can use some gel with it to make it permanent.




Curler is the other equipment which has created quite a craze in the market as with this both men and women can experiment with their hair. You can create curls according to the occasion. This will give you a sassy and bold look.


Now there is an option to be little adventurous with your hair as you don’t need to sport same style again and again. Try these products to liberate yourself from the same hairstyles. Add a fresh breather to the entire look with the help of this equipments


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Save Time and Energy with Microwave Oven

Gone are the days when women used to spend half the day in their kitchen in cooking for their big family. Nowadays with the help of high-tech modern kitchen appliances like microwave oven women don’t really bother over their recipes anymore; they cook while doing their other stuffs quite relaxed manner. With this easy and convenient procedure even men have become gastronomical. For this time and energy saving revelations, there are companies who have successfully run the business of microwave oven for decades now.

LG microwave oven:

LG microwave oven offers cooking in minimum time most conveniently. If there is a big party or a small gathering LG microwave oven comes always handy. You can bake, grill and brown for your family and keep that smile on their faces going.

Onida microwave oven:


From a grand dinner to a casual hang out party with your friends, Onida microwave oven is simply unmatchable as it makes the cooking experiences enjoyable and easy. There are barbecue, solo, convention etc options for cooking various mouth watering items.

Godrej microwave oven


Being a honcho in the business market for decades Godrej’s microwave oven has been effective in making people happy with their offerings. Whether you want to make migratory dish like pizza or traditional kebab,   Godrej microwave oven is undisputed. You can simply follow the instruction and relax.

Samsung microwave oven:


Apart from the tasty cuisines, the Samsung microwave oven is also convenient as it fits into small space.  Samsung microwave oven is truly the troubleshooter as anyone can make the dish quickly.

Videocon microwave oven

Now spending time with your family is easy as there is Videocon microwave oven in your kitchen. While watching the TV with your hubby or playing with your little ones you can hop into your kitchen after fixing the timing of the oven. And the taste of the oven is as good as you expect.

All these companies have their websites which they regularly update. They have put the pictures and details of the microwave oven including their prices for the convenience of the consumers.

Great Eastern recommends LG microwave oven for to make your cooking yummy!



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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Apple iPhone 6

The long wait is finally over people – Apple has taken the curtains off its new flagship smart phone. Apple iPhone 6 is finally in stands for you to grab.

1. Make-Over time

The iPhone 6 is the slimmest iPhone has ever made. It is just 6.9mm and its overall shape is a lot more organic. It has softer and rounder edges will feel a lot more comfortable in your hands.

The power button is shifted to the right hand side for easy access – which is a welcome change given to the overall larger size of the device.

The iPhone 6 has a 4.7in screen which is substantially larger. The iPhone 6 has an ion-strengthened display. Apple iPhone 62. Camera

The resolution of the iPhone 6’s screen has been bumped up to 1134 x 750, giving a total of 326ppi. The iPhone 6 8MP sensor has got some new changes. It posseses bigger pixels, along with phase detection autofocus which should result in snappier shots.Panoramas have increased to 43MP in size with improved stitching, and the camera can now record super-slow-motion video at 240fps, in addition to the standard 1080p recordings at 30/60fps.

Apple iPhone 6

3. Processor

The iPhone 6’s new A8 processor is second-gen 64-bit offering with some 2 billion transistors, hence making it almost 25% faster than the iPhone 5s’ A7 offering.

4. NFC

Another extremely interesting concept is that of the NFC. The iPhone 6 is also the first Apple device to land with NFC. Apple Pay is a service which lets US MasterCard, Visa and American Express users make contactless payments using NFC, with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner taking care of the encryption.

Apple iPhone 65. Batteries just got much better

The iPhone 6 large battery, which Apple says lets it do up to 80 hours of audio, 14 hours of video, up to 24 hours of talk time over 3G and 16 days of standby. Now these are definitely impressive numbers we’re talking.

Apple is launching its newest smart phone in India in October, make sure you grab one!

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Top 5 Headphones in India

We live an extremely fast- paced life, and should realize that it’s crucial to take some time off and rejuvenate ourselves. And the best way to do this is by listening to some good music. Almost everyone loves the company of music. A good set of headphones can make most music sound better.

Over the last few years headphones have undergone a huge change from the bulky to comfortable and noise cancelling headphones.  Nowadays one also finds different headphones like on-the-ear and in-the-ear phones and Bluetooth enabled ones.

Along with brands such as Sony, Philips, Panasonic, JBL, world famous headphones like Beats, Sennheiser, Bose and Skull Candy are quite catching up with the youth in India.

One can get quite confused with so many factors that have to be taken into consideration while selecting headphones like plug sizes, connection quality and magnet type. We have made a list of headphones which are grabbing attention nowadays.

JBL Tempo Headphones


1)     JBL Tempo High Quality On-Ear Headphones

This headphone is lightweight and comfortable and has a standard 3.5mm connector. It is well- known for its excellent sound quality with great bass. The headphone possesses a comfortable padding and has excellent clarity. The ergonomic design of the headphone makes it a great fit.

Skull Candy

2)     Skull Candy Headphones Hesh Headphones

Skull candy Hesh Headphones are extremely popular and features 50mm drivers that deliver rich sound. These headphones have leather touch soft ear pillows that offer great comfort. These deliver exceptional bass quality without causing any sort of distortion of sound. Deeper sound is provided due to the closed set design of the headphones. The set has a new and contemporary design.

3)     Tekfusion Twinwoofers In-Ear Headphones

Tekfusion Twinwoofers are different as its ear headphones are made from metal. In spite of that, these are quite light weight and have silicon ear tips that provide complete comfort even if you use it for longer periods of time.  The noise isolation feature of the earphones ensures that users can experience excellent sound quality without any distraction or distortion. It boasts of a great bass.

Philips SHE3590


4)     Philips SHE3590

Phillips SHE3590 is very light and comfortable in ear headphones. These headphones beautifully deliver resounding bass. These are durable and can withstand considerable wear and tear. Phillips SHE3590 is quite cheap and guarantees complete value for money.

5)     Sony Headphones MDR-EX10LP

The Sony Headphones MDR-EX10LP has a convenient and comfortable design. This headphone is famous for delivering great treble and rich bass. These have neodymium magnets that guarantee great sound, irrespective of the type of music being played. The headphones deliver great highs and lows are quite solid as well. This one is a must buy for all the music lovers.

Go buy one and have a blast!

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