5 Unique and Innovative Gadgets in 2018

As the new year arrives there are a ton of smart gadgets to watch out for. With
innovation comes technology, and with technology comes convenience and
comfort. Thankfully you don’t have to pay a huge price to buy these products
because of the intelligent minds behind the design and creation of the products.
We bring to you some of the most innovative tech products to look out for in
2018, that will make your life easier and a lot smarter.

Amazon Echo Dot

G 1

The Echo Dot is a cheap device, that gives you on-demand news, music, alarms,
movie times, restaurant recommendations available for under Rs 4000. You can also
link it with other smart-home devices to trigger lights, appliances, etc. with the
sound of your voice.


G 2

If your home is your castle how come the king and queen do all the work. Now
there is WeMo. WeMo lives on your smartphone. Anything that you can plug in ,
table lamps, speakers, television, anything you can think of, you can control it
with WeMo. You can turn things on or off, even put them on a schedule, so that
you can save time. With WeMo, you just have less to worry about. It also has
motion sensors that lets you switch on and off lights by detecting your motion.

Flic Hub

G 3

One button for all your needs. Play/pause music or video, call someone or send a
text message or order food. All with the help of just one small button. What else
you can do? You can open or close your door, call a taxi, switch off lights or even
turn on the television. Its definitely a button worth getting.


G 4

Dbell is a smart security for your home. It’s a high quality easy to use affordable
security system with an angled viewing attachment for maximum visibility. Whether you are at your home or away instant motion detector alarms will alert you when someone is at your door communicate with your visitors from the palm of your hand or your smart phone. There are tons of other features for you packed inside this easy to use device.

Blink Security Camera

G 5

This security camera is the most affordable indoor option available to you and is
insanely easy to use. It works with your existing Wi-Fi network to deliver clear,
live 720p video to iOS and Android devices. Here’s the real kicker: it runs on two
AA batteries, making it easy to place anywhere.
So while you keep shopping for your latest mobile phones and ipads make sure
you know about this and be gadget updated.



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Gadget Gift Ideas for Wedding

So, the wedding season is here. It is that time of the year when you go to
Facebook and find out everyone you know is getting married. Some of them also
invite you to be with them on this special day in their life.

While attending weddings can be fun and is usually filled with food, deciding what
to wear and can be confusing. But there is something even more confusing, and
that is deciding what gift to give. Some people hate giving boring gifts that usually
end up as a showpiece in the corner of the house or keeps hanging on a wall and
gets ignored.

So, if you are anything like this then this blog is just meant for you. With new
innovations in technology every day new and useful things are coming to the
market. From computers to smart phones, people are now moving towards smart
homes. The new Internet of Things technology is truly about to change how we
live our life on a day to day basis. Here are some cool ideas for wedding gifts that
are affordable and definitely worth checking out.

360 Degree Camera


Great 2

A 360-degree camera will make for a great wedding gift if a close relative or
someone from your family is getting married. A lot of companies offers 360
degree cameras, just do a little research or visit a shop that deals with electronics
to find one that fits your budget. You can just unwrap the gift during the event
and start making some 360 degree videos and even go live on social media. They
will think of you and thank you on their honeymoon with awesome videos that
will make memories for a lifetime.

Fitness Band

Great 3

A fitness band is one of the most popular products of the Internet of Things. It
tracks your sleep hours, exercising, walking, running, cycling etc. and lets you
keep a track on your life just with the help of a simple app on your smart phone.
We recommend the Misfit Shine smart wrist band which is waterproof, practical

and elegant. It’s a smart accessory that will make your life a lot easier. Therefore,
our next cool idea for a wedding gift is a fitness band from Misfit Shine.

Smart Lock

Great 4

A smart solution for your home security is the new smart lock in the market which
can be locked and unlocked from your smart phone. There are many types of
smart locks for your home, bike, bag etc. and it’s a pretty good idea for a wedding
gift that will come in handy and useful. There are chances the newly weds will
move into a new house where they will be able to use your gift.

Gadgets for the Kitchen

Great 5

The kitchen has often been called the heart of a house but now it can be the
brains too. The Internet of Things is making possible a new wave of smart kitchen
gadgets, from sensors that know when the stove has been left on to forks that
remind us to slow down and savor each bite. There are literally thousands of
products for you to choose from for a wedding gift. Here's one product that we
recommend. It's called WeMo. The Smart Slow Cooker, to be released by Crock-
Pot any day now, goes one step further by making all the controls accessible via
users’ smartphones. It’s powered by Belkin’s free WeMo app, which lets users
start or stop cooking, adjust temperatures and cook times, and set alerts and

For the smart couple of today these could be fantastic gifts – buy them and see
their faces light up.

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How to Choose the Right Fridge?

Planning to buy a fridge this festive season? There are so many options available in the market, that it becomes difficult to choose. Before you make a purchase, you can compile a list of things to determine your requirements and choose the specific model and brand accordingly.
Find the Right Space
Before you make a purchase, select the space where you intend to keep the fridge. If your old fridge was smaller, it is imperative that you measure the exact space; the measurement needs to be precise because even half an inch can make a lot of difference.

Know the Model
The selection of a specific model largely depends on your requirements; do you need a unit with the freezer above or below the main chamber? Are you looking for fridges that open on the side or are you comfortable with fridges with front-open options? Think about the model, decide on the space and then make a purchase. The French-door option is fast becoming popular; two of the doors open outwardly with the freezer placed at the bottom. If you have an open kitchen, then this model is suitable for you!

Research Online
It is good to do an online research, make a comparison before you choose your fridge. If you have hardly any frozen items at home, it is best to go for a fridge with less freezer space. You can also opt for a compact chest freezers or models with flexible options where the freezer can turn into a fridge as per your convenience. Those with a large family should look for fridges with multiple drawers. If there are babies at home and you need greater shelf space, you should consider double-door options with adjustable shelves which will allow you to fit all your beverages.

Most refrigerators are fitted with two types of shelves: wired and thick plastic shelves. You can easily clean the smooth plastic shelves, but for a wired shelf you need to be more cautious. Do not go for stainless steel bodies if you cannot tolerate smudges. Check out a smudge-free finish or a body with smooth exterior.
Look for an energy star logo on your fridge; this will help to cut the monthly electricity bill. Energy star refrigerators are known to consume only 40% less energy than their peers which means you can save a lot of money annually.

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Tips to Buy an AC: Know all of Them

Indian summer can be quite brutal; the hot sultry weather with its excess dose of humidity proves to be quite painful. And because it is a long summer, it is time to invest in a good AC. With the mercury soaring up every day, buying a good AC is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Here are some tips which will help you to decide.


Know the Basics

Often when we go to buy ACs, we are lured by its different features which will be enthusiastically elaborated by the shopping assistants. In the midst of all these descriptions, we often miss out the basics which are the basis of a solid machine. The cool features, but in reality it is the material and coil which matter the most. Copper coils, for instance is quite expensive, but they perform better in the long run and frankly quite reliable. Also, it is good to verify whether the ACs are capable of running in extreme temperatures, because the summers are here to stay!

Know the Size of Room

Think about the size of the room before buying the AC; lower capacity units might save you a few pennies on investment, but will increase electricity consumption bringing heavy bills at the end of the month. Also, these machines will not work well in the long run. You must get the tonnage right; like a 0.8 ton AC will work absolutely fine in a room of 100 square feet.  It is always good to buy an AC which is energy-efficient; a 5-star AC for instance will lower your electricity bills considerably, although the initial investment might be higher.


Check After Sales Service

There will be many promises before you purchase an AC, but it is the after sales service which determines the goodwill of the company. Check the warranty period and maintenance schedule before making the final payment. Select a brand which has good service record. If the dealer is unable to answer your questions regarding after sale service, do not hesitate to call up the customer care number and know the service details.

You should be judicious enough to understand the basics of AC and contemplate on the service record before you make an investment!

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Gadget Buying in Festive Times

It is a common practice to buy gadgets during the festive season; this is the time when you get some of the best deals and amazing bargains which will ensure bigger savings. If you have been eyeing that particular HDTV or the perfect DSLR camera, you should mark your calendars and start saving those extra bucks for the amazing deal that will every bit worth the wait.


You can loosen your purse strings and splurge on the new HDTV. With the advent of spring and winter, the TV industry gears up for the new models which come out in the market after six months. Evidently, there will be a slash on old models, so it is easier to get good deals at the end of summer. Or, you can simply wait for the end-of-year sale for the Smart TV from LeEco or the 4K TV from Samsung and Sony.


All the major manufacturers of cell phones are announcing their new products throughout the year. This frantic pace will work to your advantage, as you get good deals on cell phones throughout the year. Keep your eyes open and hoard the extra cash for that timely investment. Before buying the phones, you should do a research on at least three to four phones that will meet your requirements. And then it is easier to make a choice on whichever model dives in price first.

Although the new phones in the market like iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 will ensure that you can capture amazing photographs, a photograph enthusiast will still look for a Canon or a Nikon digital SLR. Their passion for photography will urge them to make a beeline for Sony RX100. Not only the RX100 image quality will impress you, features like 4K video or 1000 frames per second slow motion shooting capacity makes it an extraordinary choice for family vacations. It may be a little pricey, but then some investments are simply worth the money!


The Quiet Comfort 35 with its noise cancellation feature from the house of Bose has finally gone wireless and the charge for the headphones can remain up to 20 hours. If you are a frequent traveller, this is your best buddy for long flights.

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