Hassle Free Auto Clean Chimney

The fast and smart life style of our have pushed us to simplify life with the help of cutting edge technologies. Today from morning to night technology is the inseparable part of our life. Our very own kitchen is the place where we have tried lot of technological tools to make mammoth sized tasks in easy way. With that the look of the kitchen plays a major role to maintain the hygienic level. Therefore cleaning is a main priority. Gone are the days when chimney cleaning was painstaking task. Now forget to spend half the day in scrubbing vigorously to get rid of stains. But the new auto clean chimney is the most convenient to clean just by pressing one button.


Keeping your kitchen pollution free: The auto clean chimney features the high quality and latest designs. These chimneys come at cost effective prices and with warranty. Kitchen auto clean chimney hoods will deliver European look to your kitchen. The 3G technology of new generation will redefine the style of your kitchen and revolutionize the world of air treatment in your kitchen. This will keep your kitchen pollutant free keeping the smoke and odour out of the kitchen every time. These chimneys have efficient air suction capacity. They are sturdy and well built. Also they generate minimal noise keeping the glamour quotient intact. They are designed to have longer service life. Many of them come with a powder coated finish ensuring features like abrasion resistance.

3Cleaning if fun: Cleaning chimney was a hazardous task but now it can be done in short period of time. These chimneys have been designed with a cleansing button and oil collector. Just put some water into the oil collector and press the button. The job is done.

With the auto clean chimney now cleansing after cooking is easy and fun too.


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Games Sought On Phones To Pass Your Time

Your mobile phone is not a mere tool for receiving calls. Now the mobile phones are multipurpose apparatus. We can not think without our mobile; it’s our need, luxury, and pastime device. There are times when you are bored sitting alone at the window side or waiting for the train at the station, therefore now the popular games are also available on phones to give you extra charm so that you can spend time with your phones little more. The game enthusiasts will surely be excited to play their favourite games on their phones.  Here are some reasons why they are so popular sought after games:

Games are popular on phones: with the help of the high grade technologies and modern futuristic techniques, the game designers have come up with the real images in the games.


ANGRY BIRDS STARS WARS: Angry birds star wars is a very popular game among the game enthusiasts the game revolves around the protection of the galaxy. With more than 200 levels, all the blasters, lightsabers, Jedi powers and hidden plusses you will certain get glued to the screen while playing.

KINGDOM RUSH FRONTIERS: Another game kingdom rush frontiers has the attractive graphics. The tactical elements and deep game play will surely impress you.


PUNCH QUEST: Punch quest is a game to help you get all your anger and frustration out. With the super moves poking, smashing, upper cutting, you can hit as hard as you want.

RYMDKAPSEL: This is a strategy game set in odd pixel-perfect realm. You control a few white rectangles, research enigmatic monoliths, build food stores and fire lasers at the intruders.


PLANTS vs ZOMBIE 2: Crazy Dave is back with bang. This time with more undead creatures in Plants vs Zombie 2.

Now mobiles phones don’t only connect, play various games on your mobiles phones and enjoy.

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Cool It With Top Three Refrigerators

Why should we need a refrigerator? Then you must read these. The manufacturers have been coming up with various new ideas to endorse refrigerator with innovative features to lower down our day to day hassles. Therefore there are multiple companies’ products that are quite in demand as people are satisfied to buy their refrigerators. The most renowned refrigerators manufacturers are whirlpool, Samsung, LG, and many others.


LG refrigerator: If we talk about the LG refrigerator, they offer more space for keeping food items without forgetting the style quotient. It is suitable for keeping food in easy and convenient manner. Foods enjoy the long lasting freshness as it has been designed with modern cutting edge technology. Because of its 4 step air purification system this redirector keeps food hygienic and healthy. They also remove the dust, bacteria, odour, fungi etc. You will find features like LED control panels, precise temperature settings, built-in water dispensers and easy-to-reach digital controls.


Samsung refrigerator: The Samsung refrigerators features smart organizational mechanism so that one can make the maximum use of it. There is no need to worry if you have long shopping list as this offers the maximum space for keeping all the food items, vegetables, beverages etc. The Samsung refrigerator opens up for more space which gives you faster time to find the right food. They have easy flexibility, with features of foldable shelf and easy slide shelf. Also having the freezer at the bottom makes you easy to store heavy things comfortably. And also with the contoured body it will add a sculpted presence to the kitchen decor.


Whirlpool refrigerator: Whirlpool refrigerator is another refrigerator which has designed to complement both your changing life style and aesthetic needs. In the refrigerator the 6th sense deepfreeze technology controls the movement of the cold air. It also increases the full circulation of cold air and the speed of cold air.

Great Eastern recommends any of these refrigerators to make life more convenient and easy.

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Tips To Buy An AC

Air Conditioners play a very important role in our modern lives. This is because of the immense benefits that they bring to our homes. There has been a rise in temperatures all around the world and this has happened due to global warming.

1With this, there has been a subsequent rise in the demand for air conditioners to alleviate the adverse effects of scorching summers. This is where it has become extremely important for us to know the best ways in which we can use an AC properly.

Following is the list of factors that you must consider while buying an AC. You need to make the best use of these tips given below so that you can make the right decision.

Cooling Abilities

The cooling abilities of the machine will be encompassed in the tonnage of the machine. Generally, small rooms need 1 ton whereas medium sized rooms need 1.5 tons. Large rooms need 2 tons and this is generally enough for over ninety percent of rooms in flats.

For getting a more accurate picture, the cooling capacities of the AC can also be measured in cubic feet. This will help you in getting the perfect idea of the amount of area your room covers and with this, you can gauge the tonnage of the AC that you need.

2Installing Features

This is also something that you need to keep in mind and take into consideration while you are buying the AC. You must ensure that you install the AC correctly. This will largely depend on the type of the air conditioner that you have chosen for your room.

If you are having a split AC, then you need to install the inner part of the AC inside the room. This is best fitted on the top of the window. The outer part of the AC should be installed outside the window. It can also be placed on the terrace if you live on the topmost floor.

In case you are having a window AC, then you need to install the AC in a grill that is placed in a major section of the window. This casing should be placed in the window itself. A window AC will have a casing made of wood or steel that will help support the AC.

Thus, you need to keep these above features in mind while you are installing the AC. This will go a long way in giving you much needed comfort.

Electrical Lines

As with any other electrical appliance, you need to ensure that your AC has the right electrical connections that will help you get the best usage without any impediments. This consists of an elaborate network of wiring that will help you get the right benefits at reduced costs.

3Energy Consumption

ACs are power guzzlers and you need to keep this in mind when you are investing in a good AC. You need to gauge the energy efficiency of your machine by the energy efficiency ratio. This is written on the label of most machines and will help you discern the right amount of energy that your unit consumes.

Thus, these are the tips that will help you buy your AC and they will go a long way in giving you cool comfort!




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LED TV Tips To Buy

There are a number of TVs available in the market in the modern times. They come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, designs as well as makes. Due to the advancement in technology, there have been many kinds of TVs that have come up in the market.

Earlier there was just the standard color television, but in the modern times, there are many kinds of TVs that are available in the market like plasmas, LEDs and LCDs. Buyers always have problems when choosing between the three.


Three Types of TV Screens

Plasma TVs are made up of plasma cells that light up when they receive an electrical charge.LCD TVs are Liquid Display TVs that light up when they are lit up from behind by cathode ray tubes or in other words the fluorescent lights.

LEDs are Light Emitting Diodes where they light up when the charge passes through them; the only difference is that they are lit up from behind. This is why they are also called as backlit displays. They do not have tube lights like LCDs but have a multitude of LED lights behind each screen.

The Paler Shade

You need to find out your television’s contrast ratio. This will show you how well it displays whites and blacks and will give you the best contrast. Having white as too strong or black as too strong will produce undesirable results and this should be avoided at all costs.

Plasma TVs are better in this regard as they offer better contrast as compared to LEDs and even among LEDs, the back lit ones produce better contrast than the side lit ones.

LED Checklist

Considering the factors mentioned above, you need to ensure that you have certain things in mind when you are buying your LED TV. Here we go through the list of all these factors in details:


Viewing Angle

Ensure that you have a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees that will allow you to have a good view. This will become the turning point of the selection of your TV as manufacturers are very much interested in providing the perfect viewing angle from all sides. This makes it imperative for you to invest in a TV that has a good viewing angle.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate will be very important for a majority of viewers especially for sports lovers. This is because a high refresh rate will guarantee smooth action. This is especially true for plasma TV refresh rates as they produce motion that is as smooth as silk.

The refresh rates of LCD and LED TVs are lesser than that of plasma TVs. This is why the manufacturers have made use of various tricks in order to ensure that they also have smooth motion. This speaks volumes about the level of commitment that have towards their clientele.

3Power Efficiency

This question does not have as many clear cut answers as the previous one. This is because of the fact that traditionally plasma TVs have been considered to be high power gulpers .LCD and LED TVs generally consume lesser power and are more efficient.


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