Sarad Srestha Glimpses

With the each passing day the trend of theme pujo is increasing in Kolkata. Almost every pandal is coming up with different innovative ideas and theme, for example some clubs are trying to give us a feel of old calcutta and its culture, whereas some are trying bring the effect of a different era. From past few years the some of the clubs are even trying to highlight the contemporary issues of our society.


Great Eastern Appliances one of the best electronics store in kolkata took the initiative to appreciate and motive the clubs for their effort. A competition Sarad Srestha Best Green Pujo has been conducted in association with Times of India and the gifts was sponsored by Great Eastern Appliances. The competition was judged by few renowned people from Tollywood actors like Swastika Mukherjee and Rimjhim Mitra. The top five Times Sarad Srestha Best Green Pujo Winners are – Behala Club Sarbojonin Durgotsav, Kashi Bose Lane Durga Pujo Committee, Beleghata 33 Pally Bashi Brinda, 41 Pally Club, Dum Dum Park Yuva Brinda. Each of the five winners have received Gifts worth Rs. 50,000/- each.


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Shera Bouthan: Apartment Pujo Glimpses

Nowadays theme pujo and apartment pujo are very much in trend and the apartment pujo competition is in vogue. Every housing complex is doing Durga Puja and different competitions and programs are been conducted by big brands of the city. The best idol and decorations wins many exciting prices and gifts. They also conduct several events inside the apartment campus like dhunachi dance competition, sankkho competition and many more.


One such competition has taken place in this Durga Puja in Kolkata is Puja Barir Shera Pujo Bouthan in association with Times of India and the main gift sponsor was Great Eastern Appliances the best electronics store in kolkata. All forty participants have received Induction Cooktop and they were amazed at the wonderful gesture.


Check out the pictures for more glimpses.


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5 Kitchen Gadgets That Are a Must Have

These days everyone is looking for faster options of cooking. Here are 5 kitchen gadgets that will make your cooking experience better, smoother and faster.


A must have for all homemakers, this efficient gadget ensures that you save energy and lessens the time of cooking. What is to be kept in mind is the cookware needs to be compatible that is it needs to have a flat base. Coming with different modes of cooking, inductions are getting better day by day.

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Tea Infuser

Now making your morning tea can be even more exciting! can be made even more interesting with a nice tea infuser. Coming in different shapes resembling a strawberry, shark and even a man or robot, tea, duck shaped infusers are very much in trend.

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Mixer Grinder

If you have a great mixer grinder in your home, then surely you will save a good amount of time. Less hazardous, this is a truly efficient masterpiece for every kitchen. You can juice, mix and grind vegetables, fruits to cereals in no time.

Microwave Oven

A microwave oven will make tasty and yummy foods in no time. This device can bake delicious cakes in just five minutes or so. From cooking a fish curry to a dessert you can cook anything and everything with a microwave oven. Having defrost options to auto cooking options, this involves multiple options to cook.

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Engraved Rolling Pins

Now delight your kids with a cute and smart rolling pin that comes with attractive designs. The rolling pins feature a good collection of repetitive prints most of which includes animals geometric or patterns.

Great Eastern Appliances, the best electronics store in kolkata provides smart devices to make your cooking experience joyful. So have fun while cooking!


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Great Eastern Pujo Offers

Great Eastern, The best electronic store in Kolkata is back this year with yet another set of new puja offers.

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Choose from a wide range of home theatres to iron, refrigerator to washing machine. Walk in to our any outlet from around the city and avail the special discounts and special combo offers.

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Also collect your lucky draw gifts and assured gifts.Special attraction is but a Nikon DSLR camrea with a payment of Rs.1/- and pay in easy monthly EMIs of Rs.4089.

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Combo offers like Double door refrigerator and induction cook top combines range starting from Rs.16999/-,Morphy 3 jar mixer-sandwich grill and iron combo range starting from Rs.2849/- are a rage this season.

Fridge price in kolkata

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This Puja Get New Gadgets for Your Home

Make your pujas more exciting with some new and fresh gadgets that have already started to make their presence felt in the market. Try out some new and cool stuffs this festive time from the best electronic store in kolkata, Great Eastern Appliances.

Eco Cleaner

This smart device can make the plates bright, clean and fresh in no time. Eco-cleaner uses new technology and is capable to convert the food waste to something reusable for the plants. Electrolux has come up with this innovative and portable gadget which will absolutely revolutionize the dining experience completely. It uses solar energy for charging. A perfect next generation gadget, get it this puja from your favorite electronic store, whom you can absolutely trust.

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Green Smart Glass

Thinking about next generation products, this is a smart glass indeed that is capable to harness the heat from your favorite beverage. This is a refrigerated as well as insulated mug . Normally we do not have hot coffee or tea, and this in turn faces a good loss of heat. The Green Smart glass has been designed to convert this kind of loss of  heat on the inner wall of the glass to electricity. This way a lot of energy can be saved.

Orbital Washing Machine

Puja is not about having your favorite beverage, but also includes wearing your favorite attire. And after a whole day’s pandal hopping the need for cleaning too becomes absolutely necessary. Thus to rescue all from the situation, an excellent and efficient orbital washing machine has come up that has a single basket where you can load or unload your soiled clothes. The spherical drum has dual axis to make the washing better.

LG ThinQ Refrigerator

Now you can simply control your refrigerator  by your smartphone. LG has come up with an innovative addition for your home. This 3 door room has a 8 inch Wi-fi LCD screen. It has a Glide and serve drawer and you can maintain an inventory on all the perishable food stored.

Sony Smartwatch

If you thought a watch is a passé, then think again as Sony has introduced a smart watch to monitor your gadgets and can control music too with the help of bluetooth and other apps. You can also  mail, chat or text your friends with this gadget.

These smart gadgets will surely make your puja even more exciting.




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