Cool Gadgets For Your Homes And Offices This Summer

Summer calls for some cool gadgets to help one stay fuss free under the sun. Here are 5 of the best gadgets you can have at home.

Ice Cream Maker


Ice creams are summer saviors and if it is homemade then nothing can beat that. There we bring Severin EZ 7402 which is used for making a litre of ice cream (or sorbet and frozen yogurt) within 30 minutes. Put all the ingredients inside the bowl and turn it on to have the perfect dessert in hand.

Air Conditioned Bed

Hot nights mean disturbed sleep and the fan does little to alleviate that suffering. During such a situation, an air conditioned bed Imported by C-Scout Japan is god send. It has quiet fans at the foot of the bed to circulate cool air from the opposite end through the membrane, giving you an air conditioned cushion. Moreover, running cost is low.

The Chill Puck

This is a way to keep drinks cooler on a longer basis. Designed to fit the bottom of all standard cans, the surface area connecting the can and ice pack is maximized. Moreover, ice pack gel can is so made that temperatures are lower than standard ice, keeping the drink colder over long time.

The Breeze-Blowing Umbrella

Hail Fanbrella, which while looking and feeling like an ordinary umbrella, has an inconspicuous fan placed underneath the canopy. That way, you get fresh cool breeze while walking through the summer onslaught. It is quiet and small while being powerful enough to reduce humidity. Just turn it on by pressing a switch on the handle of the umbrella.

Philips Wine Cooler

Philips Wine Cooler is for an evening party. Use a rechargeable battery to power Lumniware Cooler and operate it for up to 12 hours on a single 10-hour charge. Other features are integrated LED technology and soft touch controls to turn it on and off. There is a double insulating layer which ensures that the beverage will stay chilled.





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Chill Out With Cool AC Offers This Summer

Day by day, the temperature quotient in India is increasing. Nowadays, 40 degree is normal and for this an AC inside a furnace like room is the only solace. Here are the best AC in the market to counter the heat.


This is the leading AC brand in India and the company was organized in 1954 and offers split, window, cassette and AC models. It has Hydrophylic Aluminum Fin, Air Vent with Cross Flow, Sleep Mode, Turbo, Swim, LCD Remote and Timer, Anti Dust, Nano Silver and other features.


This is another company that has made a name in the AC market. The features are top notch and the top features are Anti-Bacteria Filter, Tropicalized Compressor, Dehumidifying, Cooling, Turbo Cleaning, Automatic Cleaning, De-Humification along with the star rating it offers for saving electricity in the long run.

Blue Star

Blue Star is the largest AC company in India with a turnover of 2800 crores. Since its inception in 1943, it has made a name for itself solely because of the features like Anti-Corrosive Blue Fin, Condenser, Powder-Coated Outer Body, Hydrophilic Fins Evaporator and other such amazing and utilitarian features.


Since 1920, Hitachi has been a trusted brand in the AC market. They offer inverter split air conditioners, star rated split air conditioners and window air conditioners. Innovation is Hitachi and that leads to lower power consumption and less emission of green house gases. Special features are Anti-Bacterial Koukin Filter and Auto Climate Technology.


Daikin is a Japanese company that has been in the market for the last 100 years. The most popular models are FTXR series, FTXG series, DTKM series and ATKM series and the features are Auto Restart, 4 Way, 3D Cooling, Economic Mode, Hermetically Sealed Swing Type and Conada Airflow Mode.

These are the best AC companies currently in the market and the ones that will help you to beat this year’s heat in a jiffy.

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Tips To Factor In While Buying A TV

Television sets are the must have appliance in any house. Whether you have anything or not, a TV set is imperative inside any home. However, there are some things that must be factored in while buying a television sets. Let us see what they are.

Keep In Mind Energy Consumption

When buying any appliance, one has to keep in mind the energy consumption. When comparing between plasma and LED set, it is always better to buy the latter to cut down on the electricity bill while having more or less the same experience.

Get Smart With Flat Panels

While curved TV looks good, they have some disadvantages. Firstly, the curved aspect leads to image distortion and people standing at the side cannot see the TV. Moreover, curved TVs cause fatigue and are also more expensive.

Pay Attention To The Audio

Even the most expensive TVs can have one major defect – the sound is poor. Therefore, when buying a TV do check the volume inside the showroom and see how well it echo around the place.

Check Movement In Picture

While buying the TV, ensure that elements which should be still are just that and they do not jiggle.  Check the panning shots and see if the straight lines are wobbly. Also check for fixed shadows in the panning shots and then decide on the best set.

More HDMI Ports For You

Although the point seems a bit silly, more number of HDMI inputs is necessary with a high end TV. Manufacturers are cutting costs by having lesser HDMI plugs and make sure that here you apply the more the merrier concept to accommodate the game console, Blu-ray player  and sound bar and others.

Check The Aspect Ratio

In case you are a movie buff, look for wider aspect ratios. Otherwise, this is not so relevant because it does not really affect the viewing quality.

These are the best things to look for when buying a smart TV and when checked by you, there is a great TV on your hand.


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Check Out The Best Refrigerator Brands To Buy This Summer

Soft drinks and cold water are the lifeline during the melting summer. However for this, the most important thing is a refrigerator of course. This year, 5 brands have left behind others to come on top in the refrigerator sector.


Currently, the South Korean brand Samsung is the best brand when it comes to appliances of every kind. The best thing about the brand is the features laden in the refrigerators Like Food Showcase, Side By Side, Direct Cool, Digital Inverter Compressor, Cool Pack, Moist Fresh Zone and Deodorizing Filter.


Whirlpool has been an acclaimed American company since 1911 and the best features are Freshonizer, Tower Cooling, 6th Sense Technology, 6th Sense Active Cool Technology and Deodorizer. All these outstanding features make it a top brand and the best selling models are Neo, Genius, Pro and Fusion.


This Indian brand has steadily and slowly elevated itself to among the best refrigerator brands in India. Since 1897, reliance is a byword of Godrej and the features are Anti-B Technology, SIF Technology, Aroma Lock and Low Starting Voltage. The best models are Eon, Edge Pro, Cold Gold Deluxe and Axis.


Next on the list is Videocon which is in the business since 1979. The refrigerators of the company have some advanced features like Nano Silver, Anti Bacteria, Cool Booster, VCM Finish, Stabilizer Free Operation and Magic Cool Zone. The models available are Welcome, Direct Cool, Frost Free and Side By Side.


Hitachi is a world renowned company that has excelled in every sector of home appliances including refrigerators. The best features are Inverter Cool, Dual Fan Cooling, Nano Titanium Filter, Eco Thermal Sensor and No Frost. Hitachi is also one of the best in low power consumption. The series available with the brand are Solfege Series, Big French Series, French Bottom Freezer and Side by Side.

These are the best refrigerator brands that are currently available in the market and choose from these to have a great and cool summertime experience.


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Forget About Refrigerator Blues With These Quick Tips To Maintain It

Refrigerator is indeed the most important gadget in house – especially in summer days. In this blog we tell you about the most important tips to maintain it.

Keeping the Condenser Coils Clean

This is the most important tip to follow to keep the refrigerator in great condition. Dust and dirt on the condenser affects the energy efficiency and makes the compressor hotter than it normally should be. The condenser coils are usually located under the refrigerator or on the back of the refrigerator. Too much stress on the compressor can decrease the longevity of the refrigerator.

Check Door Seals or Gaskets

With time and regular use, the door seals or gaskets can tear, loosen or weaken. This condition leads to the refrigerator to use 2.5% more energy for each 1 degree F. over ambient room temperature (about 70 degrees F.). To check whether the door needs maintenance, slip a piece of paper half in and half out of the door. If you can pull it out, then immediate maintenance is needed.

Keep the Refrigerator Full

To work properly, refrigerators need thermal mass or lot of food inside it. The temperature stays low and warm air is absorbed by cold food and drink when you open the door. In case too much food is not there, store some water jugs in the fridge.

Keep Cool Food in Refrigerator

Never ever keep warm food in the fridge. This ensures there is no warm air inside the refrigerator and compressor run time is less.

Weekly Cleaning

Refrigerator, like everything else, needs weekly cleaning and you should do that with a tub of warm soapy water and sponge. In order to reduce food odor, keep an open pack of baking soda inside the fridge.

Keep the Door Closed

Keeping the refrigerator door open for too long is invitation for warm air to come in. That will mean extra load on the fridge to cool down the warm air that comes in.


Refrigerators are one of the most expensive and necessary items in the house. It is imperative that they are kept in good working condition so that you do not run out of your ice cream and cold soda all of a sudden!


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